Apr 29

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About Us

The person on the street would define “conversaving” as the act of easing the discomfort of someone left out of a conversation by including them in the dialogue.  “Conversaving” the blog seeks to do the same thing, by relieving the awkward silence across the Internet of those seeking a real place to engage in constructive conversations about news, family, saving money, etc.  Sprinkle in some laughs, tears, personal stories, and you have the recipe for Conversaving.com!



DAVID is the sometimes blunt, sometimes funny, but always loveable, father and husband in the house.  To protect my identity, my code name will be THE HUSBAND.




JENNIFER is the hard-working wife, homeschooling mom, and registered nurse who holds the house together.  To protect her identity, her code name will be THE WIFE.






DREW is our oldest child.  His code name will be PROMETHEUS (man, he will hate me for that).






LUKE is our middle child.  His code name will be ARCHIMEDES (ditto on the hatred thing).





LYDIA is our youngest child.  Her code name will be SWEETUMS PEETUMS.  (Right now, she is too young to care what she is called, as long as you don’t call her late to snack time.  SWEETUMS PEETUMS will make great wedding rehearsal dinner material one day, though.)




The family lives and works on “this side of the Milky Way Galaxy”.  Those living on the other side of the Milky Way Galaxy will have to get their own blog.  This is our first blog; I’m sure our second blog one day will be much better.  (But you can say you knew us on our very first blog.)

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  1. Aunt Kay

    Glad to know you “this side of the Milky Way”!

  2. Em

    BAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA. (Jenni this is at David only ;) )

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