May 01

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How to Plan Ahead and Save on Homeschool Curriculum – Part 1

Have you ever browsed a home school catalog and gasped as you looked at the prices for some bundled products or grade kits? I know I certainly have. I was recently looking at entire grade kits from popular home school catalogs and was shocked to find out that if I purchased each of my children a “grade kit” new, which included everything they would need for the upcoming school year, I would be shelling out well over $1600 for textbooks. If I went with the unit study/literature based method, I could easily pay $1500 or more. Now to be fair, I know that this is still much cheaper than private school tuition or probably even back to school shopping and extracurricular expenses for some public school students. But, being the cheapskate that I am, I realized several years ago that there has to be a better, more economical way. For the last few years, I have been able to keep my curriculum costs under $600 annually for two students. This year, I will be adding a preschooler, but I still plan to aim for $750 or less. In this series, I plan to show you some of the ways that I save on curriculum and give you some ideas for staying within your budget. I will take you along on my journey as I prepare for my upcoming school year this fall.


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  1. Janet

    Hi, Jennifer! I am enjoying your blog so far! I just purchased the entire BJU second grade curriculum, minus math and science, for right around $200 piecing the pieces together using amazon and christianbook.com. I like using Saxon for math and LifePac for science. I found a used teacher’s guide for Saxon and the LifePac curriculum at a used book sale for $30. I did have to purchase the student books to go with the Saxon and three missing units for LifePac it, though. Still, the amount of money I saved is wonderful! I think I spent a total of around $250! I am happy! I can’t wait to continue reading your journey!

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