Jun 15

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Dave TV – Prime, All the Time

TV Listings, 7 pm to 11 pm

Channel Guide

BRIT     British Channel

DUEL     Sports Channel

EDI     Edible Channel

HARD     Hardheart Channel

PEEPS     People Channel






7 pm

BRIT     The Flakes of Dandrough Hall

DUEL     The Gas-X Summer Shootout    Bowling

EDI     Wind at My Back Door   

Broccoli and cauliflower florets braised in a chick pea reduction.

HARD     Hardheart Hall of Fame Movie     “Love’s Little Hissy Fit”

PEEPS   Crouching Child, Hidden Accident    Lessons in Potty Training

8 pm

BRIT     Haggis Smaggis

EDI     The Hunger Shame

Bill creates a false floor in the hall closet to hide unhealthy snacks from his wife.

PEEPS     Hoarders:  Buried Alive By Cereal    You Better Chex Yourself Before You Wrex Yourself

Brad confronts his wife about her bulk cereal purchases.

9 pm

BRIT     Downright Crabby

Needith falls in love with a Springer Spaniel, but is crushed when it runs away to chase a butterfly;  Lord Grantham invents a pressurized chamber to make his American wife “infinitely more British”; Tea time begins to get on Merry’s nerves; Thomess tells Lord Grantham that “his shirt’s on fire, now its out”, thereby gaining his Lord’s trust and being made executor of his will; Dazey feels underappreciated

DUEL     The Laughing Cow Cheese 2012 Lacrosse Championship

EDI     Hey Ya’ll!     Adventures in Butter

HARD     Hardheart Hall of Fame Movie     “Mildred, Squat and Homely”

PEEPS     Pistol Palin’ Mama

Young Pistol overcomes the pressure of a famous mother just in time to change a diaper.

10 pm

EDI     Wind At My Back Door     A new spin on sausage and cabbage

PEEPS     Hoarders:  Buried Alive By Cereal    “Frosted Flakes” 

Two blond entrepeneurs try to corner the cereal market.

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