Jun 15

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Pinterest Project of the Month

I decided in January that I would attempt one DIY project a month from my growing pinterest project board. I have been so inspired by the wealth of ideas I come across on Pinterest, but I found myself pinning stuff and never getting around to trying out any of the ideas. So I plotted out twelve projects to complete this year. Here is my plan:

January – Onion soup mix –

You only need the following ingredients for this mix:

minced onion
beef bouillon powder
onion powder
crushed celery seed
Read more: food.com

food.com Lipton Soup mix copycat


February- I made a footprint butterfly to place on the wall in Sweetum Peetum’s room. You simply coat the feet in acrylic paint and place the footprint on canvas. Place the left foot on the right side of the canvas and the right foot on the left side of the canvas. Let the prints dry and use a sharpie to complete the details

DIY canvas butterfly


March – Handmade coasters

Here are my step-by-step instructions: You will need:

-4×4 inch tiles from a home improvement store

– modge podge

– scrapbook paper

– paper cutter or scissors

– a paintbrush

– clear spray paint

Cut the paper to fit the tiles and paint on the back of the paper with modge podge. Apply the paper to the tiles. Let dry for about 30 minutes. Then take outside and place on newspaper and spray on a coat of clear spray paint. Let dry for a couple of hours. Lastly apply felt pads or corkboard stickers to the bottom of the tile to keep the tiles from scratching furniture. This is a GREAT frugal gift. The tiles are only thirty cents each or so and most of the other things you probably have lying around in your garage. These turned out so well that I made several more sets to give as gifts for Mother’s Day only instead of using scrapbook paper, I used PHOTOS!

Source: Jennifer Steele via Pinterest

April - Homeade Foaming Hand Soap Recipe

My middle child Archimedes loves him some soap, so we go through a lot. This is easy on his sensitive skin and we really like it. It is so simple to make. I upcycled some foaming hand soap pumps and used the following ingredients:

-peppermint essential oil (a few drops)

-peppermint Castile Soap – about a tablespoon

-fill the rest of the bottle with water!

Source: liverenewed.com via Jennifer Steele on Pinterest


May - All Natural Bug Spray

Click on the Pinterest image above to get directions for this project. I have been dreading another summer slathered in bug repellents. The alternative is not so appealing so I was on a mission to find a better solution. My youngest, Sweetum Peetums has quite the allergic response to bug bites. I didn’t want to expose my kids to all the chemicals in standard solutions, so I decided to try this more natural product that I made myself. We have been very happy with it so far. I will definitely be making it again. The real trick is remembering to apply it :)

You will need:

– witch hazel

– citronella essential oil

– tea tree oil

– lemongrass essential oil

For directions and amounts click on source link below.

Source: Icanteachmychild.com via Jennifer Steele on Pinterest


Stay tuned for my next episode of “Pinterest Project of the Month” where I will be sharing with you my projects for the remainder of the year highlighting how I make homemade laminate floor cleaner, homemade Febreze and ideas on making homeschool planning tools (weekly binders and a file box). That's Pinteresting

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