Jun 19

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How to Plan Ahead and Save on Homeschool Curriculum – Part 2

In my first post in this series, we discussed the cost of home education. Today, I hope to give you some hints to help you save money on your school purchases.

As winter comes to a close, spring fever hits in our home. The kids begin to lose interest in indoor tasks and the outdoors calls to us. I shorten our lessons and let the kids play outside. I use the extra time to peruse our curriculum and purge. I have a box for donating, a box for selling and a box for the items that I want to use in the upcoming school year. I reflect on what worked well for us this year and any changes that I might like to make. Our local homeschool conference is held in early May, so I try to have my curriculum decisions made in advance of that date. I take advantage of a used book sale and free shipping from most vendors in the vendor hall at our convention. For those of you new to homeschooling some of these steps will be unnecessary, but you may be surprised at the resources you have on hand that may be useful. Dictionaries, craft supplies and office supplies can often be used for your homeschool.

Curriculum/School Year Planning -

1. Make a list of what you have on hand that you can use in your homeschool – This may include books on your shelf, free ebooks, PDF files, games, school supplies. Be as detailed as possible.

2. Make a second list of the items you need to purchase – If you know specifically what you are planning to use, I find it helpful to list the title and publisher on my list. If I need to research a subject area, I will just make a general notation such as, “language curriculum for Archimedes”, etc.

3. If I am unsure of what I want to use, I start with reading reviews on sites like Amazon, or Cathy Duffy Reviews. This helps me see what is available and what others think of the product. I may also google that curriculum/topic with the word “review” attached to get more ideas.

4. Look through print or online catalogs and note the prices for items on your list – I like to buy used when possible so it is important to me to know the cost of the item new, to make sure I am getting a good deal.

5. Check Ebay, Amazon, Yahoo groups, forums, and Homeschool Classifieds to get an idea of the price and availability of the items on your list – Now I am armed with the information I need to make informed, frugal purchase decisions. I can go to the online marketplace or my local convention with a list and a plan and hopefully avoid unneccessary, wasted purchases.

In my next several posts, we will discuss how to score deals on new and used curriculum online, at conferences and at used book sales. There are a sea of choices offered at these venues and I hope to give you a little guidance so you won’t lose your way. Until next time….


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