Jun 27

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Dave TV, Prime All the Time

TV Listings, 7 pm to 11 pm

Channel Guide

BRIT     British Channel

DUEL     Sports Channel

EDI     Edible Channel

HARD     Hardheart Channel

PEEPS     People Channel






7 pm

BRIT     The Flakes of Dandrough Hall

DUEL     The Extra Strength Tylenol Family Putt-Putt Championship

EDI     Wind at My Back Door

French Onion Soup with Garlic Bread

HARD     Hardheart Hall of Fame Movie     “Love Has a Headache”

PEEPS   Crouching Child, Hidden Accident    Lessons in Potty Training

8 pm

BRIT     Beefeater Smeefeater

EDI     The Hunger Shame

Steve rolls bacon pieces into little balls and tries to pass them off as “healthy raisins”.

PEEPS     Hoarders:  Buried Alive By Cereal    “Honey Bunches of Boxes

Kim cooks her husband’s favorite dinner before telling him about the mega cereal sale in the car trunk.

9 pm

BRIT     Downright Crabby

Scotland and Wales begin to get on Merry’s nerves.  Thomess learns to throw his voice and “makes” Carson say embarassing things in the dining room.  Needith strikes up a relationship with an upstairs portrait, but finds the conversation limited.  Sybil becomes an extreme couponer.  Bora gets a hankering for a burger and fries.  Ms. O’Lien undergoes the annual shedding of her skin.

DUEL     The Dramamine Jai Alai Regional Championship

EDI     Hey Ya’ll!     Adventures in Butter

HARD     Hardheart Hall of Fame Movie     “Love Can’t Win For Losin”

PEEPS     Pistol Palin’ Mama

Young Pistol overcomes the pressure of a famous mother just in time to give her baby a bottle.

10 pm

EDI    Wind At My Back Door     Baked Bean Souffle

PEEPS     Hoarders:  Buried Alive By Cereal    “Kaboom” 

The digestive tract strikes back, making a miserable weekend for the cereal addicted Candrottis.

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