Jul 19

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Going Bananas!

Banana Pudding RecipeI love getting marked down produce at the grocery store. Do you? I get especially excited when I find bags of banans marked down. We eat as many as we can before they get overripe, then I peel the extras and freeze them in a ziplock bag for fruit smoothies and banana bread. This week, I had some extras and had vanilla wafers in my “stockpile”. The thought came to me that a banana pudding would be wonderful, so here is my creation. The recipe is VERY easy.

Banana Pudding

1 lg. package instant vanilla pudding

1 -16 oz whipped topping

                                                                                                          Approximately 4-5 ripe bananas

                                                                                                       Vanilla wafers

Make the vanilla pudding according to package directions and layer vanilla wafers, bananas, pudding and cool whip. Repeat until your dish is filled to the top. Refrigerate preferably overnight. ENJOY!

Disclaimer: the amounts are approximate depending on the size of your bananas and the size of your dish.

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  1. Aunt Kay

    Try the recipe for banana pudding on the nabisco nilla wafer box………killer! It’s the REAL thing!

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