Jul 25

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How to Plan Ahead and Save Money on Homeschool Curriculum – Part 3

In my previous post we discussed how to plan for purchases. Today I want to walk you through some of my decision making processes for my curriculum purchases this year. I knew that I wanted to change some of our curriculum this year. Prometheus is a literature loving kid and the standard history and textbook readers are rather tedious for us. I have always wanted to try out Sonlight curriculum but the cost has kept me from trying it. I borrowed a Sonlight Core from a friend to preview and decided that we would try the Core D with advanced readers (Intro to American History, part 1). I set out to find the curriculum used on Ebay. I watched a few auctions then bid and won a used set for $242.50. I had to later purchase a missing book from the seller for $12 bringing my total up to $254.50. The set new cost approximately $529 for a savings of $274.50 or a savings of 52%. One benefit of this curriculum is a high resale value. I should be able to sell it after using it for only a little less than I paid for the curriculum. This set includes a detailed instructor’s guide which schedules all the books in the curriculum for me in a 36 week schedule. This curriculum will provide instruction in reading, history, Bible and language arts. I will supplement the language arts program, but I will be able to teach history and Bible to both boys using the same curriculum. It came with a lot of books! 

I did learn a lesson about buying on Ebay early in the year. If you are looking for curriculum that is popular with a high resale value, you might do better waiting until June or so to start shopping. The selection increases greatly and you will probably see lower prices as there are more selections to choose from. I have seen the set that I purchased going for less than $200 since I purchased mine. I think I was so anxious to get mine, that I may have paid a little more than I could have. Oh well, I guess you live and learn. Any savings is still better than the price of the items new.

Some of my favorite sites to buy used curriculum include, Homeschool ClassifiedsEbay, and AmazonI also shop at yard sales and used curriculum sales when possible. Do you have any suggestions for places to purchase used curriculum?

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  1. Vicki

    I have found that if you join some of the Yahoo forum groups for specific companies, like Institute for Excellence in Writing, they will have a sister group that is specifically for buying/selling their used curriculum. I’ve been able to find some good deals that way.

    1. David

      Thanks for your suggestion Vicki. I will have to make a note of that!

  2. Elise

    I like Second Harvest Curriculum. They sell Abeka, Bob Jones, Apologia, Sonlight, some Alpha Omega, etc. So they have a pretty nice selection. You can also sell them your old homeschool books.

    1. David

      Thanks for the info. I have never heard of them. What a great way to sell old books.

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