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What’s In the Bible? – Product Review


This week, I had the privilege of reviewing the latest production by Phil Vischer, creator of the popular Veggie Tales® videos. His new series entitled, What’s in the Bible®, currently includes 8 DVD’s. 

We were given Volume 1 to review. 


The DVD includes a discussion guide and I was delighted to find a promo code for a downloadable digital copy.  I followed the directions and was able to get the digital copy for use on my laptop and Kindle Fire. (This will come in handy for road trips). There are free resources such as coloring pages and flashcards available to go with the DVD at this link.  My family has always enjoyed the Veggie Tales® videos, so I was interested to see how this series would be welcomed by our children, ages 9, 6 and 2.

All of the kids sat through the video, but our two year old was only engaged during the songs. The boys seemed to enjoy the slapstick humor and life-like puppetry. Their comments included, “cool” and “I like it”. My husband and I were giggling along with the kids during several of the humorous jokes. Some of the humor was lost on my kids, but I think it added to the family appeal of this title by engaging the adults. The six year old asked to watch it again the next day (that is always a good sign around our house).

It is laid out in typical Veggie Tales®  fashion with songs, puppets, and a great story line, but with the addition of clips with the producer and interviews with kids. The DVD is broken down into two twenty-five minute episodes.


WITBThe first episode is the introduction to the series and we learned all sorts of interesting facts about the Bible including translation facts, the definition of the word “testament”, and what the Septuagint and the Apocrypha encompassed.  I felt that the difficult content was sufficiently brought down to an elementary level without taking anything away from the message. I appreciated the fact that things were not “dumbed down” but presented in a way that children can understand and enjoy theology. Mr. Vischer sums up the first episode up by stating, “The Bible tells the story of God and what He’s done for us.”

The second episode tackles the first eleven chapters of Genesis. Primeval history is discussed and old earth vs. new earth is left to your interpretation. Sin is defined. The focus is stated that “Genesis is not written to tell the how of creation but the Who of creation”.

Throughout the video, deep topics such as the reliability and verification of the Scriptures, the age of the earth, and the free will of man are addressed, leading to great opportunities to share with your kids the tenets of your faith. I think we will be adding the remaining titles to our birthday and Christmas wish lists. There is enough substance to this video that it could be used as a Bible curriculum for home school in conjunction with some of the free resources.  It would also be a great gift for unsaved children in your life.

I was selected for participation in this review and given the What’s in the bible DVD as a member of The Homeschool Lounge Review Team. All thoughts and opinions are my own.

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