Aug 14

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Ask Dr. Nomo

Q:  Is there a medical term for lint in your belly button?     Adam H., Greenville, South Carolina

A:  Technically, it is a “navel blockade”.


Q:  Walmarts cover nearly 30% of the Earth and yet we know so little about them.      Lynn C., Cumming, Georgia

A:  It is ironic that Dr. George Gwyn researched Walmart for over 30 years, and yet no one has ever heard of him.  Dr. Gwyn observed from afar, studying the Walmartians’ daily habits, and only directly interacting with them after years of trust building.  Sadly, before he was to publish his groundbreaking study, he was killed by a Walmartian youth in a tussle over a box of toaster pastries.


Q:  I have a hard time with the correct use of “nauseous” and “nauseated”.  Is there really a difference?    Arlene D., Birmingham, Alabama

A:  Of course there is a difference.  It is the difference between feeling sick and being a stinking pile of refuse.

Example:  A jelly bean and bacon sandwich is a nauseous snack.  It nauseated me to eat it.

Q:  Hmmm.  So if “nauseated” is the effect of being “nauseous”, wouldn’t “jealoted” be the effect of being “jealous”?

A:  Arlene, the same people that invented this language also think that jellied eels and mash is a “jolly good meal.”


Q:  What does the term EDT mean?     Esteban L., San Juan, Puerto Rico

A:  The term “EDT” references “Eastern Daylight Time”, one of the time standards for the United States.  It is in effect from fall until spring when it is replaced with “Eastern Standard Time ” (EST).  There are, however, little known local variants:

In California, EST stands for “Epic Surfing Time”.

In Minnesota, EDT stands for “Endless Dreary Time”.

In Georgia, EST stands for “Estimated Southern Time”.

In Washington, D.C., EDT stands for “Ever Dawdling Time”.


Q:  My co-worker is always drivin’ me crazy, wanting to borrow one of my “inkpens”.  What does she think is in other pens – grape jelly?      Lisa W., Albany, Georgia

A:  Makes you want to get one of those bullet guns, doesn’t it?


Q:  I saw a headline the other day that read:  “Sun Peppers the Earth with Cosmic Rays.”  What does that mean?        Barbara M., Charleston, South Carolina

A:  It means the Earth was assaulted.

Q:  Assaulted and peppered?  Wow.

A:  Variety is the spice of life.

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