Sep 07

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Dave TV, Prime all the Time

TV Listings, 7 pm to 11 pm

Channel Guide

BRIT     British Channel

DUEL     Sports Channel

EDI     Edible Channel

HARD     Hardheart Channel

PEEPS     People Channel






7 pm

BRIT     The Deals of Monty Hall

DUEL    The Preparation H Cornhole Finals

EDI     Wind at My Back Door

Chick pea poppers

HARD     Hardheart Hall of Fame Movie     “70 Brides for 7 Mullahs”

PEEPS   Crouching Child, Hidden Accident    Lessons in Potty Training

8 pm

BRIT     Prince Philllip, The Man Who Married Realy, Really, Really Well

EDI     The Hunger Shame

Heather checks her dieting husband for “corn chip breath”.

PEEPS     Hoarders:  Buried Alive By Cereal    “Apple Jacked Up

A parent / teacher conference results when Lauren lists the 4 basic food groups as Post, Kellogg’s, Kashi, and General Mills.

9 pm

BRIT     Downright Crabby

Bates form his own jailhouse dance troupe, the Valet Ballet.  Grandmother celebrates her 126th birthday.  Matthew’s chewing begins to get on Merry’s nerves.  Bora sneeks some Chinese food.  Needith falls in love with a telemarketer, and is heartbroken when he hangs up on her.  Thomess steals all of the Abbey’s furniture, and then successfully sells it back to the unsuspecting family.  Dazey unwittingly catches the game winning pass in a rugby championship and is put on the payroll of the rugby team.

DUEL     The Spectracide Cricket Semi-Finals

EDI     Hey Ya’ll!     Adventures in Butter

HARD     Hardheart Hall of Fame Movie     “Love’s Malodorous Morning”

PEEPS     Pistol Palin’ Mama

Young Pistol reads her memoirs to her baby every night before bed.

(Due to a complete lack of viewers, Pistol Palin’ Mama has been cancelled and will be replaced by a new series, Funny Tu-Tu.)

10 pm

EDI    Wind At My Back Door 

Peas Porridge Hot, Peas Porridge Cold, Peas Porridge that put you on the pot, 9 days ago.

PEEPS     Sux to Buy a Tux

Glen fears that a white tuxedo will make his butt look big.

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