Sep 14

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Your Periodic Benedict Cumberbatch Update

     Those in my inner circle (approximate 1 foot radius) know of my great admiration of all things Benedict Cumberbatch, easily the most well-named person in the history of the world.  I love the way “Cumberbatch” rolls off the tongue.  Cumberbatch, Cumberbatch, Cuummberbaaatch.  And when you couple the “atch” sound with the “ikk” sound in Benedict, it is like enjoying a fine, crisp pickle.  Simply marvelous.

In fact, I would legally change my name to “Benedave Cumberbatch”, if it wasn’t for my wife uttering a two-word phrase – “divorce settlement”.  For those of us with inflexible wives, or the bad luck of not being born into the Cumberbatch family, I will soon be offering a new baby name book entitled First Names that Go Best with the Middle Name Cumberbatch.  My little contribution to future generations.  And, of course, who wouldn’t be cool enough to use Cumberbatch as a middle name for their son or daughter?

Benedict Cumberbatch’s star is on a meteoric rise.  He is everywhere these days – the movie War Horse, the BBC series Sherlock, and, in the near future, The Hobbit and Star Trek 2.  In fact, the movie studios will try to make amends for not recognizing the genius of Cumberbatch earlier in his career by renaming some of his works, in an attempt to cash in on his awesome name recognition.

Sherlock will become Elementary, My Dear Cumberbatch!

Amazing Grace  –  Amazing Cumberbatch

Tinker, Tailor, Soldier, Spy  –  Tinker, Tailor, Soldier, Cumberbatch

Star Trek Into Darkness  –  Star Trek 2, The One With Benedict Cumberbatch In It

As you can see, the potential for additional entertainment revenue is endless.

Lost in all of the amazing stories of the recent London Olympics is an instance that exposes the true greatness of Cumberbatch.  During the first swimming heats, Benedict took tea and scones down to the pool area to watch the teams perform.  Sensing his presence, U.S. team members Michael Phelps and Ryan Lochte approached Cumberbatch and challenged him to a good natured race.  Though not properly dressed for the occassion, Cumberbatch rose to the challenge.  He lost, but only by a tenth of a second.  Later, it was revealed that he was only swimming with his right hand, using his left hand to keep a half eaten scone dry above the water’s surface.



This has been your periodic Benedict Cumberbtach update.  You may now resume your daily lives.




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