Sep 25

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Consistency and Finding God in the Mundane

My husband and I were having a conversation the other day about the seeming inability to stay on top of the household duties. There is the laundry, the dishes, the housecleaning, the yard, home repairs, projects and in the midst of all of this add in homeschooling, sports, family outings, quality time with our kids, time with your spouse,etc. We sometimes feel we never catch up. I wonder sometimes if we ever did catch up how it would feel knowing that we were about to start it all over again. I also wonder if we were meant to always “be on top of things”. This cartoon summarizes my mental picture of what I think my household should look like. Funny huh! It is amazing that we hold on to so many unrealistic ideals.


We can make ourselves miserable always cleaning, picking up and organizing to the point that we never have restful time to sit and enjoy the fruit of our labor. I read an article recently where a mom shared a story of visiting a homeschooling mom in the midst of her years with young children at home. She recalls thinking to herself how cluttered and messy the woman’s house seemed to her at the time. Then she shared a moment years later when the woman’s children had grown and most of the children were gone away to college and the difference in the house. Everything was neat and orderly.






I remember the days before children when I would walk into my home and everything was peaceful, quiet, orderly, and neat.






Today at any given time if you enter my home you will see stacks of books, papers, sippy cups, toys, laundry – all the reminders that this is a home meant for children. I think God wants me to remember that He can be found in the daily tasks in my home. But more important than the tasks are the PEOPLE in my life. Yes, it blesses the people in my life when they can enjoy a clean, orderly environment. But, this is not the most important goal. If I am so busy cooking, cleaning and sorting that I can’t stop for a minute to discipline a child, praise good behavior or just sit and read a book, I am missing the blessings of the moment. Sometimes God interrupts our day with small blessings that we overlook when we get so focused on the task at hand.



I was thinking during my quiet time this morning that God is pleased with consistency in our walk. If I will just take the first step and get out of my comfy bed to meet with God – that is the first step. I can sit in His presence and receive just what I need from Him for the day. I make my to do list, but I need to be aware that my plan is not always God’s plan. If I allow flexibility in my day to stop and get down on my knees and look at the scribbled picture that my daughter is so proudly showing me, if I take a minute to listen to my sons as they describe their latest Lego creation, I think these opportunities give me insight into the Father’s creativity. He has made each of us individually with special qualities and gifts that we are to use to bless others. I miss this sometimes when I get so focused on tasks and all the things that I have to do each day. I need to remember that sometimes I should focus on what I should BE rather than what I should do. Am I being a concerned parent, a thoughtful spouse, a listening friend? These interruptions to our day can be mighty. lessons from God. Lord, help us to find you in the mundane today. Help me to stop and listen for your voice.




Let us not become weary in doingood, for at the proper time we will reap a harvest if we do not give up.  Galatians 6:9

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