Oct 23

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How to Lighten the Load in the Kitchen – Part 1 – Freezer Cooking

“What are we having for dinner?” Don’t you just love that question especially when it is 4:30, you are tired,and the kids are whiny. Well, I have found a solution to that problem at our house. Enter once a month freezer cooking. I don’t cook every meal ahead for the entire month, but I try to at least have 8 to 15 meals prepared in the freezer ready to pop out and use at a moment’s notice. This is not entirely fail-proof.  You do have to remember to defrost the food in time to cook it, LOL!

I thought I would share with you some pics from our last freezer cooking session. 

I get together once a month with my mom, sister and sister-in-law and we prepare meals for the freezer. We compile a list of recipes we want to prepare and we shop for the ingredients using what we have on hand and purchasing the other items. We meet together at one person’s house and we chop, dice, fry, bake, and assemble the meals. We usually spend about 4-5 hours cooking and take away at least 5-6 meals.  In September, we had Cowboy CasseroleBuffalo Chicken Tacos, Potato Soup, Blueberry French Toast, and Crockpot Hawaiian Chicken on the menu. Here are the results: 

I also have a group of three friends that combined with myself have formed a monthly meal swap. We each cook two recipes which we quadruple. We package the meals for the freezer and meet at a set location to swap the meals.This allows us to cook only two recipes, but take home 8 different meals after the swap.  We correspond as a group via a closed facebook page where we post our list of meals for each month. We give each other feedback on what recipes have been our family favorites, and we also list meal preparation instructions where applicable. we have been doing this now for a couple of years and it has worked really well for us. This is how I reach my 8-15 freezer meals a month goal. This is one of the ways I save money. It helps me avoid last minute trips to the grocery store and trips through the drive thru. It also makes my life ALOT easier when I am busy homeschooling, being a soccer mom, attending church and otherwise conducting my busy life. My next installment in this series will be on menu planning.

How do you lighten your load in the kitchen?

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