Nov 13

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Punctuality Challenge – Day 4

The focus of today was examining the good qualities of late people. Good qualities, you might ask? Yes,  the author of 28 Days to Timeliness  has identified five good qualities in late people. Here is the rundown:

-Generous, giving of time and talents to bless other people

-Compassionate, will stop to listen to a friend or care for their needs putting all of this before their own schedule

-Servants, the last one to leave when helping at an event, “live in the moment” kind of people

-Encouraging, taking the time to let others know how much they mean to them

-Detailed, Putting special touches on things they do

I could see myself in a ll of these qualities, but I had never really realized how these things can pull on my time causing me to be late. I think that my spiritual gift is serving and this positive thing can become a negative if I get my priorities out of line. I love to help my friends and family and I plan to keep doing that, just making sure that my Lord and my husband and kids come first.

Have you ever thought about the positive traits of the late people in your life?

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