Dec 29

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Punctuality Challenge – Day 11

In_a_Rush 28 Days to Timeliness by  Davonne Parks and Lisa Grimenstein has been an inspiration to me. I have been blogging through this challenge one day at a time trying to overcome my habit of being fashionably late. On Day 11, the challenge was to look at your morning routine and make a streamlined plan. This is what I came up with:

Plan A – for relaxed days

Rise – 5 min

Stretch – 5 min

Check Calendar – 5 min

Devotions – 30 min

Planning Time – 10 min

Make bed – 5 min

Exercise – 20 min (minimum)

Shower/ hair/ makeup – 30 min

Dressed to shoes – 10 min

TOTAL TIME = 2 hours

Plan B – for rushed days (the streamlined version)

Devotions – 20 min

Make bed  – 5 min

Shower/ hair/ makeup – 30 min

Dressed – 5 min

TOTAL TIME = 1 hour

Now all I need to do is implement this plan on the appropriate days!

How about you? How do you streamline your routine when you are in a rush?

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  1. Davonne Parks

    Having a relaxed version and a rushed version is a FANTASTIC idea – love it!!

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