Jan 07

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Dave TV, Prime All the Time

tvTV Listings, 7 pm to 11 pm

Channel Guide

BRIT     British Channel

DUEL     Sports Channel

EDI     Edible Channel

HARD     Hardheart Channel

PEEPS     People Channel


7 pm

BRIT     Movie – “The Dark Knight Flosses”

Batman battles bad breath underneath the mask and struggles to figure out Bane’s next plot, because nobody can  understand what he is saying.

DUEL    The Yankee Candle Bowl – Charleston Kissin’ Cousins vs. Lexington Grasshoppers

EDI     Wind at My Back Door

Black eyed pea and horseradish pie

HARD     Hardheart Hall of Fame Movie     “Love’s Churning Stomach”

PEEPS   Crouching Child, Hidden Accident    Lessons in Potty Training

8 pm

EDI     The Hunger Shame

Dieting Dan intentionally picks a fight with his wife so that he can sleep on the couch and partake of the leftovers under the cushions.

PEEPS     Hoarders:  Buried Alive By Cereal    “Snap, Crackle, Pop

Police begin to suspect that Greg’s wife’s cereal shed was not struck by lightning after all.

9 pm

BRIT     Downright Crabby

Merry’s reflection in the mirror begins to get on her nerves; Mrs. Fatmore just can’t bring herself to make another shepherd’s pie; Just for kicks, Carson switches a 1901 merlot with a 1908 sauvignon, and no one notices the difference; Granmother becomes addicted to knock-knock jokes; Bora hosts a dart throwing tournament in the Abbey, with Thomess secretly taking bets; Needith looks out the window, wistfully.

DUEL     The Groupon Bowl – Shreveport Mighty Elvises vs. Bismarck Beastie Boys

EDI     Hey Ya’ll!     Adventures in Butter

HARD     Hardheart Hall of Fame Movie     “Love is Mighty Tired”

PEEPS     Funny Tu Tu

June gives birth to another chin; Iwana considers gator wrestling after losing another pageant.

10 pm

EDI    Wind At My Back Door 

Foot long chili dogs with caramelized onions

PEEPS     Sux to Buy a Tux

Brad and his father don’t see eye to eye on the price for the “perfect tux”.

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