Jan 08

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Punctuality Challenge – Day 12




Planning to be early? Who does that? That was my first thought when I read today’s challenge in the book I am reading 28 Days to Timeliness by Davonne Parks. As I began to take apart the challenge I began to realize why this is so difficult for me. I love productivity and I hate to waste time. If I am not careful, I will fill up every minute of the day with activity so I can “feel productive”. This tends to cause burnout and exhaustion and I am learning to evaluate my life and schedule in downtime and margin. It is still very hard for me. As I looked at planning to be early, I thought about the times when I have been early for an appointment, meeting or class. I enjoyed doing what early people do. I read a book, filed my nails, looked at my calendar, etc. It is really a good thing to be early. I am setting a goal to try to make it somewhere 15 minutes early this week. I think I will start with our homeschool coop class on Friday!

I hope I challenged you to look for opportunities to value other people’s’ time and arrive early somewhere this week. Feel free to leave your opinions in the comments below.

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