Jan 10

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Eating From the Pantry

pantryThis is one way that I love to save money in the kitchen. I have been inspired by Jessica at Goodcheapeats.com for the last couple of years. She blogs about her Pantry Challenges a couple of times a year. I am not going to reinvent the wheel in regards to describing a pantry challenge. Head over to her site Goodcheapeats.com if you need some inspiration or ideas. I have decided to join her this year. For those of you who know me well, you know that I subscribe to the theory of stocking up when items go on sale. Every once in awhile, I give myself a challenge to eat from my freezer, stockpile and pantry. This helps me save a little money and clear out any excess food that I have stored up. I clean out the freezer and make a menu plan based on what I have.  Here are the rules for my challenge this year:

  1. Clean out the freezer and use as much food from the freezer and pantry as possible
  2. Limit the weekly food budget to $50 or less( half of my normal $100/wk budget)
  3. Try to menu plan using what I have and only purchase necessities such as milk, bread, and produce
  4. Start January 14th and end February 1st.
  5. Goal is to save $150 ( $50 x 3 weeks)

Anyone want to join me? I am planning to post weekly updates. Let me know in the comments if you are joining me.


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  1. Aunt Kay

    I have enough food in my pantry and freezer to last a month. But if I deplete it my “fear” of running out will kick in and I will stock it all up again. Lol!

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