Jan 25

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Punctuality Challenge – Day 13



My kids and I were headed to a commitment last week where we were supposed to meet several other families in a parking lot. We arrived six minutes early and my son looked up and said, “Mom, are you sure we are in the right place?” I knew that we were making progress when I looked around and saw that we were the FIRST to arrive. We   sat in the car and talked and I even filed my nails while waiting. It made an impression on me. I liked the feeling of being on time. The next commitment of the week came and I was a few minutes early as well. We had some time to chat with friends before the class started. Slowly, but surely I am making some small gains in this venture.

Today’s chapter in LINK was all about looking at your schedule and eliminating something to allow you more breathing room. This has been a big deal for me in the past. I love to say “yes” to people and sometimes that comes at the expense of my family. I am learning to carefully evaluate what I can realistically accomplish and am trying to think hard before committing to things. I think it is much easier to say “no” in the beginning than to find yourself overwhelmed and to have to get out of something later.

After reading this chapter, I decided to eliminate a food coop from my schedule. The amount and quality of the food has declined in the last six months or so and I find myself giving or throwing away portions of the food. It causes an interruption in my school day every Thursday around 11 a.m. When we pick up the food, my niece and nephews are usually there increasing the likelihood that my kids want to stay and play. What should be only a half hour pickup usually ends up being an hour and a half. I discussed this with my husband and he was happy for me to let it go.

I am hoping that I can further streamline my commitments over the course of this year. It is very difficult as it seems like more opportunities to get involved and serve keep coming my way. I am learning to really think about each opportunity and evaluate, pray and discuss with my husband the effects of this commitment before I automatically say “yes”.

How about you? Is there anything that you can cut from your schedule to help you manage your time a little better? What tips do you have for saying no to new activities or commitments?


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