Jan 29

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Punctuality Challenge – Day 14



Media Consumption – Do we have to go there? That was my thought when I read today’s excerpt. I know that this is a big time waster for me. Computer time is a necessary part of my blogging life, but sometimes I get so wrapped up in the extraneous things, Facebook, email, etc that it contributes to my tardiness. I just lose myself and all time seems to stand still. Does this seem familiar?

The challenge for today is to turn the TV off for a day and use a timer when on the computer or smartphone to see how much more time you can create in your schedule. This will leave you with extra time to prepare to get somewhere on time.

If you are following along with me on this challenge, you can get a copy of the book 28 Days to Timeliness by Davonne Parks on Amazon.

How do you limit media consumption?


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  1. Davonne Parks

    I love your blog challenge so much! You may like my blog post about media consumption as well:


    1. David

      Thanks for reading. I was so inspired by your ebook.

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