Jan 30

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Pantry Challenge – Week 2

The Pantry Challenge was interesting this week. Our small town had a Kroger grand opening. If you know me well you know I can’t resist deal shopping. Combine the grand opening with a mega sale and this girl is there. On top of that, I have a fellow coupon-er who offered to watch my kids so I could shop without distractions. I was on cloud nine. The new store is huge! It even has furniture, clothing and books for sale. Did I mention that there is also a Starbucks! Never mind that I don’t drink coffee. Maybe they will add hot cocoa to the menu.

So I sent my hubby out to the store Sunday afternoon to pick up some essentials and produce that was part of a four-day sale. They overcharged me for the eggs, but since the store was closing in two days to relocate to the new store, I cut them a little slack. His out-of-pocket expense was $17.95. I went on to spend $58.00 on groceries at Kroger. I also spent a little more on Pull-ups©  and some toiletries which I am not counting for this challenge. All total my out-of-pocket expense was $75.95. I was over budget by $25.95, but I am just going to only shop for absolute necessities this week and try to keep my total to $25.00 or less. That should bring my two-week total up to $100 which will keep me within budget.

Here are some pics from my shopping trip. I saved %73 off my bill during the Mega sale and Grand Opening event by pairing sales with coupons.

DSCN1765 DSCN1768























So on to this weeks menu:


B- Pioneer porridge

a family favorite purchased at a Grist mill in the mountains every year

L- Zesty Italian Melts

These were a first for us and definitely a keeper. I found the recipe in my New Freezer Cookbook.

D- Swiss Meatballs, noodles and salad.

This was also a new freezer meal recipe from my New Freezer Cookbook.


B- Homemade yogurt sweetened with jam, toast

You can find my yogurt recipe here

L- Sack lunch

Book club today

D- Bean soup

This was a new recipe that didn’t end up being a favorite


B- Smoothies and Toast

This Strawberry Banana Smoothie from Skinnyms.com has been our favorite smoothie as of late

L- Chicken Noodle Soup

D- Eat at church

Elegant chicken, potatoes and other delicious food

Thursday – 

B- Cereal

We are down to the last couple of boxes now. That is one thing I picked up at the Kroger sale. Organic cereal for $0.99 per box!

L- My kids ate at a friend’s house while I was shopping. I ate free samples at the Grand Opening. LOL!

D- Homemade Pizza

I spent the afternoon at my sister’s house making marinara sauce (recipe coming soon) with stuff from my stockpile( i.e Industrial sized cans of crushed tomatoes). So we used some pizza crust we had in the freezer and our marinara to make some awesome pizza!


B- Cereal again!

L- Ate at McDonald’s with friends for a birthday party

D- Date night using a gift card while the kids had pizza at an Awana party

Saturday -

B- Pancakes and bacon at the Awana sleepover

L- Chili Dogs at my nephews birthday party

D- leftover buffet

I just take everything out of the fridge, lay it on the counter and tell everyone to help themselves. Fun!

Sunday -

B- Cereal

L- Burritos

I used some seasoned beef and beans I had in the freezer

D- Frozen pizza

Our Sunday night staple food

Well that wraps up our menu for the week.

What have you been cooking this week?





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