Jan 31

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Goals Checkup – January Edition



I endeavored to make some goals in 2013 and commit them to paper for greater accountability. I love to set goals but the follow-up is the most important. Here is where I am after the first month. It is so exciting to see some things marked off my list (I know I am kind of geeky like that)!




Household Goals

  • Get an estimate and begin saving for a fence  – the estimate was less than we expected.
  • Caulk the master tub – finished today
  • Replace sink drains in master bath
  • Replace shower heads in both bathrooms
  • Replace tracks on bi-fold doors
  • Clean behind washer and dryer and clean vent  – already completed this goal on Saturday (WOO HOO!)
  • Clean behind stove and refrigerator
  • Landscape around mailbox
  • Complete flower bed in side yard

Family and Marriage Goals

  • Monthly date night – Applebee’s with only one tag along
  • Attend a Lovand Respect class at church- Made it to three classes. Missed one due to tornado watch
  • Turn off the TV at least 2 nights a week – This is happening consistently every Monday. Working on a second
  • Initiate allowance system for kids – working great. You can read about it here
  • Alternate weekly game and movie nights – had one of both this month
  • Sunday school devotionals with kids – started this two weeks ago, going well
  • Individual time with the kids (each kid gets one outing alone with parent) – boys went geocaching with Dad and out for a Frosty© with mom. Lydia had some time with mom at home while boys were at karate
  • Take a vacation

Homeschooling Goals

  • Complete 5th grade and start 6th grade with Drew – ongoing
  • Complete 1st grade and start 2nd grade with Luke – ongoing
  • Have consistent preschool time with Lydia – it helps that we are reviewing a preschool curriculum – watch for a review coming soon
  • Participate in field trips and 4H – Took a field trip to a homestead and observed cow milking, fed chickens, etc. Attended 4H.
  • Participate in homeschool writing and life skills classes – ongoing
  • Attend monthly Mom’s meetings – attended and was really encouraged

Homemaking Goals

  • Monthly cooking day
  • Weekly Home blessing – not happening. Will try again in February
  • Replace one item that I buy regularly with a homeade or reusable item each month – eliminated paper plates
  • Eat from the pantry for a few weeks  – check out my posts about this here and here
  • Create biweekly to monthly meal plans – Completed January monthly and have first two weeks of Feb done

Personal Goals

  • Continue daily devotionals and try to be more consistent with weekend quiet times – Saturday is working. Still need to work on Sunday
  • Teach a Bible study using the book Desperate
  • Learn how to use Adobe Photoshop Elements© and make digital scrapbook pages – planning to take a class in March. Reading through a book on Elements©
  • Organize digital photos – working on this
  • Set monthly blogging goals – working on this
  • Participate in the TOS Review Crew – working on several reviews now
  • Read 20 books – (Read my booklist for 2013 here) – marked two off of my list
  • Participate in monthly Blog cruises – Had a great time with this cruise. Check it out. There are loads of great reads.
  • Get back into couponing and playing the drugstore game – scored some great deals at Kroger during their Mega event and a local grand opening. Not back into the drugstore shopping yet.
  • Make time to play the piano at least once a week
  • Reach my goal weight – Lost 4#
  • Run in two 5K’s – planning to sign up for the Color Run in April
  • Limit my computer time and take social media breaks every Sunday – happened at least one Sunday
  • Read and learn new things about blogging – Asking questions, reading, LEARNING!
  • Knit a baby blanket – ongoing

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  1. LIsa McClanahan

    Congratulations on getting some of your goals marked off!
    My hubby & I should sit down and make a list of our goals for the year. Our house was a repo, so our home projects list could last us a lifetime.

    1. Jenni

      Thanks! We have found this really helps us stay on track.

  2. Amy Jeanroy

    What a wonderful peek into another busy mom’s life. You have gotten quite a bit marked off. So inspiring! I am so glad that I read this tonight. I has inspired me to stop worrying about all that I have to do and just make myself accountable by creating a visual roadmap of my goals.

    Thanks so much for the inspiration,

    Amy J

    1. Jenni

      I am glad it has inspired you. That is one of my favorite things about reading other blogs, the inspiration and ideas I get from others. Blessings!

  3. Brandi

    Love, love, love this idea! Writing your goals down and sharing them is a great way to stay accountable to them. You look like you are well on your way. Thanks for sharing : )

    1. Jenni

      You are welcome!

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