Feb 08

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Punctuality Challenge – Day 15

DSCN1457Today’s challenge from 28 Days to Timeliness is to start decluttering your home. It is so much easier to get out of the door on time when you know where everything is located.  Have you heard the phrase, ” a place for everything and everything in its place?” This is a great mantra. As our family grows and the amount of stuff accumulates in our home it is easy to get overwhelmed. If we begin to take one room at a time and work on decluttering that space, we can get our homes back to that comfy, cozy place that makes us feel relaxed. Lots of piles and messes around me cause me to become frazzled and anxious, but when order is restored, I am able to function at a much more productive level.  My personal goal for the next few weeks is to begin to tackle the clutter one room at a time.



Look for my series on Spring Cleaning coming in early March where I am going to blog about my journey to get my house in order.

How about you? Do you have a hard time functioning in clutter? Does it cause you to be late?

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  1. Anna

    I think you should write that spring cleaning post on “the joys of helping your sister declutter and spring clean her house for baby!” Haha

  2. Brandi

    What a great series! I wished I saw it on day one. I am going to go back and check it out : )

  3. LIsa McClanahan

    I’m thinking we could benefit from a punctuality challenge. It is nice when we can find everything we need & get out the door early.

  4. Dawn @ Guiding Light

    I agree that “everything has its place, etc”…wish the other people in my family did too. *wink*

  5. Davonne Parks

    I had no idea someone was doing a challenge about my book – I feel incredibly honored!

    You may be interested in the current “Clutter Free in 2014″ series that I’m running on my blog this winter:

    If you ever do any other challenges on my books please e-mail me to let me know because I’d LOVE to feature that on my blog!

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