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Abraham’s Journey – Schoolhouse Crew Book Review


With the recent celebration of President’s Day in our house, our current review of the e-book Abraham’s Journey – A Celebration of the American Dream by Robert and Kathleen Basmadjian from Inspiring the American Dream came at a perfect time. This beautifully illustrated title for Kindle was an educational read. We chose to read it on our Kindle Fire and the color illustrations were stunning. The boys and I snuggled on the couch and learned all about the American Dream from the perspective of several famous Americans.

The key character in the story, Abraham, is presented with a modern-day dilemma. Both of his parents have lost their jobs and they announce to the family that there will not be enough money for Christmas presents this year. While pondering a solution to this dilemma, Abraham sends out a text to friends when all of a sudden a wise old man pops out of his smart phone and offers him some help. This story resembles A Christmas Carol, with a modern American twist. Abraham takes a journey through past and present history and introduces you to some famous Americans who chased their American dream and scored big. In the end, Abraham is able to apply what he has learned to create a social media platform and develop his talents to ultimately solve his problem and realize his American dream.

This book differs from other stories in that it includes living American figures, which shows us that the American dream is not just something from the past, but is still alive and well today. The book is brief and can be read in one sitting, however it can encourage students to further explore the Americans mentioned in the book. There are short biographies of each historical character at the end of the book and there are vocabulary words with definitions listed as well. The recommended age range for this book is 7-12.

We found that this book tied in well with our President’s Day studies. We included this story along with several other titles about George Washington and Abraham Lincoln. We created some mini books to place in a lapbook to showcase our work and we enjoyed the inclusion of a new discussion topic this President’s Day, learning about what it means to pursue our own American dream. I think you will find this title enjoyable and helpful in explaining the tenets of the American dream to your homeschool students.

  This book is available in e-book format for Kindle on Amazon for $9.99

You can also purchase the print copy on the Inspiring the American Dream website for $14.99


 DSCN2031Find out more at the author’s website, Inspiring the American Dream.

All prices listed were correct at the time of this review but are subject to change.

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Here are some photos of some of the mini books we made and a link to the free President’s Day Lapbook that we are making.


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  1. CandyFoot

    Nice review! I love how you incorporated in the lap book. Great job!

    ~Candy from the TOS Crew~

    1. Jennifer

      Glad you liked it. We are just starting to try lapbooking again. My oldest didn’t like them for years.

  2. Kathy

    Great idea tying the book in with president’s day-perfect addition for a unit study. Love the lapbook :)

    1. Jennifer

      Thanks for stopping by and reading my review!

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