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C is for Color Run

I have been on a quest to better my overall health for the last couple of years. I began running as a way to improve my cardiovascular health and get in shape. My sister and I decided to mark off an item from our bucket list and signed up for our first 5K in May of last year. We used an app to take us from couch potatoes to runners in about 9 weeks. We ran the race in the cold rain and persevered. We ended up winning medals for our respective age groups and it inspired us to try again in the fall.





After watching us race, my husband stated that he thought he would like to run a race and I began to train again with him while pushing my 2-year-old in a jogging stroller. We got the older kids involved by having them ride bikes when we would run in the evening. It became a family affair. We signed up for a race in September that benefited a Christian adoption agency. It was a cross-country 5K and we ran through a cow pasture in the early morning dew.






This time around my brother got in on the fun as well. All of us won a prize for our age category. Here we are on the right showing off our prizes. I must mention that these first two events were rather small events with less than 150 runners.

The holidays found us eating more than running and when January rolled around, we knew that we were going to have to start pounding the pavement again. My running buddy at left found out she was expecting baby number one at Christmas, so I had to integrate some walking and Zumba into my exercise routine to still be able to exercise with my sis. I knew to keep myself motivated, I needed to sign up for another race. I saw a friend talking about the upcoming Color Run in Atlanta on Facebook and I thought this would be a lot of fun. So I signed up my hubby and myself and then solicited some other friends to join us and we ended up with a six person team. Today was the big day and I think this untimed event was a great boost to my momentum. We all enjoyed the 3.1 mile jog at the Atlanta Motor Speedway and the addition of the “color” that was thrown on us at stations all around the course broke up the run and created an atmosphere of excitement. There were some colorful characters to observe, and we couldn’t have asked for a more beautiful day. The sun was shining and it was around 60 degrees following a week of rain and temperatures in the 40’s.

Color Run Atlanta



Color Run 2013

903769_10200417056941675_441031728_oAt the last-minute we had a couple of people drop out and my son was able to run his first 5K. It was a memory we won’t soon forget. If you are looking for a fun way to get your family in shape, why not consider making exercise a family affair. Who knows where it will lead you. Maybe I will see you next year at the Color Run!

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  1. Cristi

    I love running, and the Color Run looks like so much fun. Congratulations!

    1. David

      It was awesome!

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