Apr 09

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Dave’s Dots

268712_250876664929665_5112337_nJust an Observation:   Many Christians recently participated in Maundy Thursday services.   Personally, I think an end-of-the-week laundry service would make for a good Friday.

Beans, Beans:  A recent baked bean spillage in England clogged a highway artery?  I thought baked beans were good for your heart.

And speaking of squishy, edible things:  I recently saw a troubling sign that read “SQUASH TOMATOES”.  While I personally like tomatoes, I know that they are not everyone’s thing.  But advertising violence against them?

And speaking of roundish objects:  Department store Target (or, Targit, as they say in Alabama) had to apologize this week for offending larger-sized women.  One of their normal size dress styles was labeled as color “Dark Heather Grey”, while a plus size in the same dress style was labeled as color “Manatee Grey”.    Spokeswoman Jessica Deede called the labeling of the Massimo-brand “Women’s Plus-Size Kimono Maxi Dress” ”an unintentional oversight.”  She said that although manatee gray was a seasonal color, Target was “fixing the discrepancy.”

Question:  What time of year is “Manatee” in season?

4 gay NFL players could come out on the same day, former Ravens linebacker Brendon Ayanbadejo says:  Probably just bench warmers.  (A thinking man’s joke.)

More on the Voyager 1 spacecraft:  As reported last week, scientists believe that the 35 year old Voyager One  may be nearing the end of the solar system and the edge of interstellar space, based on changes in particle readings around the spacecraft.  From Nature:   Decker’s team first reported the change last year, when it had measurements of the particles’ velocity only in the radial direction, outwards from the Sun. At the time, the team thought that the change was a sign that the craft was nearing the heliopause, where solar particles are expected to collide with powerful winds generated by supernovae that exploded some 5 million to 10 million years ago. The collision would force the solar particles to stop moving outwards and push them sideways, like a stream of water hitting a solid surface.  To test the idea, engineers commanded Voyager 1 to roll on its side seven times, so that its instruments could record particle velocities along a line perpendicular to its course. Given that sending a command to Voyager 1 now takes 17 hours, and that the spacecraft’s transmitter runs at 23 watts — about as powerful as a refrigerator light bulb — such communication is a feat in itself. The researchers were astonished to find that the particles had zero velocity in this polar direction, too — indicating that they were almost stationary rather than being buffeted by stellar winds. That cannot happen at the heliopause, says Decker. “We therefore conclude … that Voyager 1 is not at the present time close to the heliopause, at least in the form that it has been envisioned,” the team writes.

And what of Voyager One‘s brother, Voyager Two, also launched in 1977?  Voyager Two took a different path than Voyager One but it has not reached the edge of the solar system either.  Scientists tried the same “rollover” command that they did on Voyager One, but Voyager Two just laughed and did a back flip instead.  Scientists attributed this defiant behavior to “middle child syndrome.”

The latest romantic comedy is a film set in a South Korean restaurant, Must Love Dog.

The definition of organization is this:  To know where something is and to put your hand on it quickly.  Nuff said.

If the new Pope really wants to make positive change in the Catholic Church, he will not brush aside the huge sex scandal that has been ignored for years.

It is hard to tell if the latest North Korean crackpot is for real or just bluffing.

The celebrity death rule of 3 was in full swing this week, with Roger Egbert, Margaret Thatcher, and Annette Funicello.  Sadly, mostly twenty somethings these days might only know Roger Egbert.  Heck, most thirty somethings for that matter.

How can you tell when cottage cheese has gone bad?  Does it start to taste good?

And its extra chunky, so no funny business.   A Michigan woman successfully robbed a bank Saturday morning, claiming a bag with two cans of spaghetti sauce was a bomb.  The suspect escaped in a gray car with undisclosed amount of money, but left the bag behind.  “It was a closed bag, so you couldn’t see into it, and no one wanted to open it.”

Your feel good story of the week:  7 year old Jack Hoffman, brain cancer survivor, scores a touchdown in the University of Nebraska spring football game.


You can dance, you can jive, havin’ the time of your life:  And you thought you would escape Dave’s Dots without hearing some really bad music.  Ha!  From the land that gave us meatballs, Volvo, and Nobel prizes comes “Dancing Queen” by the Swedish group, ABBA, the number one song in this great land, April 9, 1977.    A few years ago, ABBA was offered one billion dollars to reunite.  They turned it down.  Amazing.

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