Apr 11

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D is for Derby Race


For the last two years we have enjoyed participating in the Pinewood Derby Race at our local church through the AWANA program. This experience has been good for father/son bonding time and I have really seen David and Drew grow through the process. You are given the wood block and wheel set and given a weight limit for the cars and then you get to use your imagination to come up with the design of your choice. Here is what my husband and son came up with this year.



The simple joy of watching a car race down a wooden track.

Pinewood Derby Race

Here is his face as he watched the car go

Derby race

And when the car lost……….



Oh well, a good time was had by all!


The first year they lost all the races but came back with all kinds of design ideas. This year, Drew won his first two races, then lost the last two heats. The exciting part was that he took second place in the overall design category. Here is the proud boy with his creation.  He was being recognized for his award.

Zoo 058


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  1. Brittney

    I love his car!! Looking at the cars is my favorite part of the race!

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