Apr 17

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E is for Everyday Blessings



As I contemplated what to write about using the letter “E” this week, I thought of so many different things, such as Exciting Events, Enchilada Bake, Extra Special Days, etc. These topics were ok, but then I thought of Everyday Blessings and I knew I had hit on the right title.

We all need to take the time to remember to thank God for our blessings. There are so many in our life. Here are a few that I am especially thankful for at this moment.



God – He is the author and finisher of my faith. He is the reason that I continue this journey day in and day out and he gives me the hope and encouragement I need when the days are tough or the road is rough.

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My family – God has blessed me with a wonderful, faithful husband and three precious kids. I wouldn’t want to do life in this world without them.





oak hill



My Church – We are blessed to have a wonderful, supportive church family and I have grown to love them and the expression of Christ that we see through them. We are blessed to serve and receive from the local body of Christ.




reading time



Homeschooling – This thing we do as a family has become part of who we are. The education and bringing up of our kids in the way of Christ is something we take seriously and we make many special memories together. I wouldn’t trade this for the world.




mom and sisters


Road trips – I spent this past weekend with my mom and sister travelling to Pittsburgh, PA to help her photograph a wedding. When we are together, we always make special memories, eat great food and laugh a lot.







Snaggle-tooth kids – my middle child lost his top right tooth while I was away last weekend. I am enjoying his new look, realizing how fleeting the milestones of life become.







Messes in my house – The messes in my house remind me that children live here and I am on the mission field on a mission to train, teach and model for my children. When I have to move Snow White and her entourage to have a seat on the couch, I think of how fleeting this time is and I am challenged to make use of every moment I have with my kids.



I hope some of these blessings touched your heart. Remember to stop and play with your toddler. Turn off the electronic devices , get out a notepad and make a list of the blessings that you are thankful for today.

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