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Math Rider – A Schoolhouse Crew Review

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I had been asking my friends for suggestions on teaching math facts to kids and I got so many different answers, I didn’t know where to turn. My 10-year old seems to have a good grip on his math facts but I was hoping to find a better way than flash cards to teach them to my 7-year old. I know that without a strong foundation in math, school success is diminished. I don’t want math facts to be a chore for my kids, but I was thinking I might have to just buckle down and make them memorize them using drill methods. Then out of the blue, I got the chance to review the software program Math Rider. When I began researching the product, I thought this might just be the ticket. Who wouldn’t love to make a game out of learning math facts?
Math Rider was created by Thomas Brand out of a need he saw for quality math games. His kids were failing in math and he wanted to do something about it. He created a game that focuses on practicing retrieval while learning math facts from addition to division. Because the game uses adaptive technology, kids are able to practice in the areas where they need help the most.
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Geared for ages 6-12 but fun for everyone!

$47 instant software download with free updates for life. 30-Day money back guarantee. You are provided access for up to 8 players. System Requirements:blue ribbon

MathRider uses the Adobe® AIR™ runtime. This means our Math game runs on Windows and Mac. Your computer requires about 80MB of available hard disk space. Your monitor (and graphics card) need to support at least a resolution of 1024 by 768 pixels.

For more details about system requirements click here.

Winner of TOS Homeschool Crew Blue Ribbon Award (2011-2012)

Math Rider Luke

The program starts with story about living in the land of Ray and riding a horse named Shadow. The child is sent on quests where they have a mission and ride through different backdrops. You encounter math facts as you are riding along and if you answer them correctly you are able to jump over the obstacle. If you answer incorrectly, the horse stops and a voice calls out the fact and the answer as it appears on the screen. You continue your quest and as you go along the intuitive program remembers that you had problems with that fact and continues to bring that fact up for review. As you progress, you move from easy to medium and then advanced in addition. When all three of these levels are completed at 100% mastery, then you have special graphic rewards in the story line. I had my kids progress through each operation in order starting with addition, but you could have your child start with any operation that you choose. I am told that there is a big surprise at the end, but we have not reached that yet!

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There are nifty little graphs shown at the end of each quest so that you can see your speed and accuracy and there are also screens where you can view your statistics and note your progress. I also Iove that it pinpoints the facts that you are struggling with and lists them. This is helpful for the homeschool teacher.
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When we started this program, I was expecting my kids to work on their math facts about 15 minutes a day about 4 days a week. I am now a believer in this program as I have watched it work for my sons. My oldest has shown a mastery of 100% in addition and an improvement of 17% in this operation since we started this program about 5 weeks ago. He advanced to subtraction where he has reached 90% mastery and has shown a 35% improvement since starting. My youngest son who was only just beginning to learn math facts has mastered the easy level of addition and is working toward finishing that level with a current mastery of 53% of that operation. He has shown a 38% improvement since starting! We used this as a supplement to our regular math program and I am sure that we will come back to it often for review in the future. There is some fantasy noted in the story line. There is a unicorn shown and mention is made of a wizard. We didn’t see this as a main feature or main part of the story line, so it was not a problem for our family, but some may not appreciate this about the program. We felt that the story was clearly fanciful and was not true to life so we just enjoyed it for what it is. I thought that my boys showed marked improvement in their math fact skills after using this program and I could not find any negative aspect to the program. I think even my older son who I thought had mastered his facts was encouraged to have more speed in his fact recall as a result of  using this program. I  am planning to have the boys continue to work with this several days a week until the reach complete mastery of all the math facts.

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If after reading this review you are ready to try it out for yourself, there is a Free 7 day trial available. Check out the Math Rider site for purchasing information.
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