Apr 28

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F is for Figurative Language Cafe

bloggingalphabetnewI am continuing to Blog through the Alphabet with Marcy over at Ben and Me. This week we are focusing on the letter F. I decided to share with you an idea a friend of mine had and implemented at our monthly homeschool reading club meeting. We have been learning about literary terms throughout the year and so as an end of the year assignment she had our students grades 2nd-6th to create a Figurative Language Cafe. The instructions for the assignment were as follows:

Use your imagination to create a menu of food items using literary terms to describe your menu. Then choose two of the items off your menu to make and bring to class and share. Here is what my 5th grader came up with.

  • Extra Extravagant Eggs (Alliteration)
  • Crackling, Sizzling Bacon (Onomatopoeia)
  • As Yellow As the Sun Macaroni (Simile)
  • Whistling Tea (Personification)
  • Little Pigs in Fluffy Blankets (Hyperbole)
  • Strong as an Ox Coffee (Cliche)

Little Pigs in Fluffy Blankets

Yellow as the Sun Macaroni

Yellow as the Sun Macaroni


There were all sorts of creative menu items. We had a blast. This activity was a culmination of all our learning from the year. We focused on different literary terms as they came up in the literature we were studying. For this particular class, we had read The Secret Garden by Francis Hodges Burnett. We discussed the book, then watched the film. Here is a picture of most of the food:



Figurative Language Cafe


Here is a photo of our fearless leader and some of the students



Have you been having any fun in your homeschool group or co-op that you would like to share? Feel free to leave me a comment with your thoughts or ideas.

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