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In the Hands of a Child – A Lapbook Review and a GIVEAWAY

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About the Company:

In the Hands of a Child started in 2002 as two homeschool moms came together to help fill a need in their homeschool. They were having difficulty finding the graphics and things they needed to put lapbooks together for their kids. They met online and talked back and forth about their common love of lapbooks and before too much time had passed, a business was born. They were the first company to sell ready-to-use lapbook kits. They added another partner in 2005 and now they are nationally recognized as a leader in the lapbooking industry. They offer a product line of over 450 lapbooks and notebook project packs with new products being introduced all the time.



About the Product:

We received the Remember the Alamo” project pack for grades 3-6. It was a perfect way for us to end our Sonlight study of American History, part 1. We had been studying Westward Expansion and had just briefly discussed the Alamo. This downloadable ebook contains the following parts:



  • A 5-day planning guide – this lays out all the activities and mini-books and schedules them out for you to complete the ebook in 5 days. You could easily take the activities and stretch them over more days. It is a very flexible plan.
  • Suggested Reading List – This list includes interesting titles to expand your study of the Alamo – We found several great titles on this list and are actually still reading some of the suggestions.
  • Sixteen hands-on activities – these are the mini-books, vocabulary cards, etc that you print out, cut out, fill-in and paste into your lapbook that you make using file folders. There are illustrated instructions included at the beginning of the ebook that explain how to turn your file folders into a lapbook. An alternative to this method is just using colored cardstock and gluing the activities onto the cardstock as you go. When you are finished the cardstock can be three-hole punched and placed in a binder for future reference. If you choose the note pack version, the same information is presented in a worksheet format without all the mini books to cut out. You simply fill in the blanks and complete the activities as you read the research guide. This format is good if you have a kid who prefers NOT to cut and paste.
  • An 8-page research guide – this gives all the facts about the study.
  • An Answer Key – this is for the teacher, of course.

Brief background information was given to help set the stage for the Battle of the Alamo. Then we were taken into the story of how Mexico was trying to win their independence. Next we learned about some of the key figures in this battle such as Antonio Lopez and Stephen Austin. We learned about the Texas Revolution, the Siege of the Alamo and the survivors of the Alamo. We found out how this battle affected the area afterwards and learned a little about what the Alamo is like today.


How We Used this Product in our Homeschool:

I started by having my 5th grader read a couple of the suggested reading selections in the Project Pack. He couldn’t put down the book, A Line in the Sand – The Alamo Diary of Lucinda Lawrence by Sherry Garland (Dear America series). Next, we printed out all the activities on a mixture of colored and white copy paper.


I cut out the activities as my son read the research guide. I had him fill out the mini-books and complete the activities.



We discussed and looked up the vocabulary words. We followed the planning guide and completed the activities in about 6 days making the last day’s activities stretch over two days. We learned about We even added in an old classic Disney movie, Davy Crockett to watch as part of our finale.Here are some shots of the finished product.


lapbook 004lapbook 005


What I thought about the product:

This project was a great way to end our history studies this year. The information in the research guide was brief and factual and the multisensory learning activities helped to cement the knowledge into our long-term memory. The bonus is that we can look at our completed lapbook for a review at any time in the future. I liked the fact that there were suggestions in the beginning of the book to help you adapt the study for older or younger audiences making it a perfect product to use with multi-age groups. I liked the inclusion of biographies of some of the famous figures at the Battle of the Alamo. I liked that the lessons can be completed in a week, making it easy to use this as a complement to other curriculums. I have found that sometimes, I wanted to break away from our lesson plan consisting of traditional curriculum, and do a unit study, but the thought of missing a month of time working on a unit study deterred me from trying them. This unit is just long enough for a nice, refreshing study, but allows you to incorporate it into traditional curriculum if you so choose. I think these project packs are a great way to add new life to your homeschool. With all the options that In the Hands of a Child offers, there is a perfect lapbook for everyone.

Drew’s opinion : Even though the battle was lost, we still remember the Alamo because of the bravery of the men involved. After doing this project pack, I won’t soon forget the Alamo. I enjoyed doing the activities and making the little books.

If you want to get your copy of the Remember the Alamo” project pack, it is on sale right now for $7.00. The regular price is  $10.00  for the downloadable lapbook or note pack. Check out the great specials that are offered at In the Hands of a Child. They have an ebook offered each week for $5.00. They also always have one ebook available as a freebie for you to try out. A great way to stay informed about their specials is to subscribe to their newsletter.

The generous folks at In the Hands of a Child have provided me with a second copy of the downloadable project pack described above to giveaway to one lucky reader. Click on the Rafflecopter link below to enter to win. The contest ends Sunday, May 5th at midnight. Invite your friends to enter!

 a Rafflecopter giveaway

Disclaimer: I was given this lapbook in exchange for my honest review. I was not asked to give a favorable review nor was I compensated in any other way. All opinions expressed are my own or those of my family. I am disclosing this in accordance with the FTC Regulations.

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  1. Kelly

    My way to add creativity to the day is to use Tempera paint in may different ways. We use marbles, feathers, aluminum foil and toothpicks to paint.

    1. Jennifer

      I haven’t tried that. Cool!

  2. rachel

    Looks like something my boys would enjoy!

    1. Jennifer

      Thanks for stopping by!

  3. Erica B

    Nice review! This sounds really neat. :-)

    1. Jennifer

      Thank you!

  4. Kelly Burgess

    My kids have fallen in love with lapbooks ever since we started reviewing the new 20th Century in America lapbook for Homeschool in the Woods. Since then, I’ve bought lapbooks to go with our state study and our Apologia science curriculum. It’s a great way to add creativity and fun to our learning!

    1. Jennifer

      I will have to hop over and read your review. They sound like they are great.

  5. Mandie

    My kids would love this! Anything hands on and tangible helps so much. My kids love doing their spelling words by drawing with their finger in rice or cornmeal. Sometimes we use shaving cream.

    1. Jennifer

      I have done that with my smallest ones before. Lots of fun, but the mess keeps me from doing it more often. You are brave!

  6. Heather McCarthy

    OK so I am really working on the creativity thing. We have just started our first lap book so far so good. This one looks really fun.

    1. Jennifer

      They are a nice addition to our homeschool. Hope you enjoy the one you are doing!

  7. Susan L

    Your ability to review the product with accuracy and detail is amazing!! Super job! Hands of a Child is an excellent quality product with easy to follow schedules. I’m not a very “crafty” person and HOAC products make is simple to incorporate worthwhile/educationally sound crafts into our day; I’m not a fan of busywork during school time. However, we have lots of creative kids that easily come up with “just for fun” crafts for the rest of our day, lol.

  8. Vicki B.

    I didn’t know that you could get the notebook version. I’ll have to go back and check them out again. Zac didn’t enjoy the cutting and pasting at all, so I ended up doing much of it for him. I always loved the way the information was presented though. The notebooks might work perfectly for us.

  9. Nichole

    I struggle with adding creativity to my day. I am working on ideas.

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