Apr 29

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A Young Man’s Poem


by Drew Allen

Spring, the most wonderful season,

With bees flying ’round with reason,

For it is their duty to pollinate flowers,

And it is the rain’s duty to water them with showers,

Not only the flowers but also the grass,

Which grows green in a great big mass.

It is the sun’s duty to warm up the land,

Which when you look at it, is quite grand.

It is the animals’ duty to bring forth their young,

And get their breath started in their young lungs.

It is the trees’ duty to bear their seed,

But they have to be careful not to be choked by weeds.

All these are reasons,

Why spring is my favorite season.

(Not bad for my son’s 10 minute poem)

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  1. Ben and Sarah

    My nephew! This is so good! Wll share with your cousins!

    1. David

      Thanks for reading!

  2. Camille

    Good job drew! Such talent!

  3. Emily

    Good work Drew!!! :)

  4. Aunt Kay

    Beautiful poem, Drew! Spring is my favorite too!

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