May 26

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J is for Just Having Fun

bloggingalphabetnew.jpgWe have been officially on summer break since May 6th, but we have had company, taken a trip to a homeschool convention, etc and we are ready for some lazy days. We have had some fun adventures since our break began so I thought that I would share a little peek into our life for my Blogging Through the Alphabet post this week.

luke/lydia riverDrew riverconcrete river

The kids decided created a game they call “playing in the river”. They have fun diverting the water hose down the driveway and pretending they are wading in the river. This has been a fun way to cool down, even if I only let them play it for 10-15 minutes every few days to conserve water ( We have a well).

DSCN2844 strawberry pickin' strawberries taste of spring

The weather has been unusually cool here. We got up one morning and joined my niece and nephews for a day of berry picking and playing at the park. A great time was had by all and our fun in the sun did NOT involve sweating, a rarity here in the south!

Abby berries  DSCN2851 Sarah/Jacob berries   Caleb berry


I came home and made an awesome strawberry pound cake that my sister recommended. You can find the recipe here. I didn’t get any pictures of it, but it was to die for. We froze some of the strawberries for smoothies later in the year and of course we ate many of them fresh!

duck family










We found a couple of duck families walking around and swimming in the small pond near the park. The kids were  overjoyed. By the time I ran to the car to get my camera, they had decided that our little crew was a little too much for their little family and were swimming as far away from us as they could get. We saved some of our bread crumbs and were able to feed some other ducks enjoying the beautiful day on the water and at the water’s edge.


 DSCN2862         DSCN2858DSCN2868

We took our first trip to the pool. I tried to get a couple of action shots of the boys jumping off the diving board. We look forward to more lazy summer days like these!

Drew midair   cannonball Luke midairsplash

We are making a summer bucket list and I will share that with you next week. Stay tuned for more of the Allen Family summer adventures!

Do you have some summer plans? I would love to hear your ideas. Share them in the comments. It would help me as I sit down with the kids and tweak our bucket list.

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