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Christianity Cove – A Schoolhouse Crew Review

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We have been using the wonderful materials that we received for review from Christianity Cove for the last month or so. We received the Fruits of the Spirit Activity Kit and the Lord’s Prayer Lesson Pack.

Christianity Cove is your one-stop-shop for free Sunday School lessons, Bible games, crafts, skits and activities for Children’s Church.

This company offers many products for believers to share their faith with children. Many of these items are adaptable for homeschool use. If you would like to see a sample of some of their materials, hop on over and check them out at Christianitycove.com. If you are willing to enter your name and email address to sign up for their email notifications, you can receive four downloadable Bible games free!

About the Products:

Fruits of the Spirit Activity Kit is an in-depth downloadable Bible study based on Galatians 5:19-26 with correlating activities. This kit is geared for elementary-aged children.

Purchase price is currently $19.00.

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Lord’s Prayer Lesson Pack – provides in-depth teaching on the Lord’s Prayer with tools to help you practically apply the Lord’s Prayer to your life. This pack is geared for elementary-aged kids.

Purchase price is currently $19.99 

 photo lordsprayerpin_zpsfed708a9.jpg Lord's Prayer Cards

These wonderfully interactive, downloadable kits provide object lessons, games, crafts, snacks, songs, worksheets, and even science experiments to help make your job as a Bible teacher more fun and rewarding. The PDF format allows you to print what you need for your homeschool or Bible class on your printer. Gone are the days of standing at the copier with a book, making copies for your class. The lessons and activities provide memorable experiences that you won’t soon forget.

The Fruits of the Spirit Activity Kit contains the following 15 activities:

  • 2 Object Lessons
  • 3 Game suggestions
  • 2 Craft activities
  • 1 Gift to make
  • 1 Song to Sing
  • 2 Snacks to Make
  • 3 Worksheets
  • 1 Science Project

The Lord’s Prayer Lesson Pack contains these 14 components:

  • 2 Object Lessons
  • 2 Game suggestions
  • 1 Meditation activity
  • 3 Crafts to Make
  • 1 Song to Sing and links for songs to listen to or purchase online
  • 2 Snack Choices
  • 2 Worksheets
  • 1 Science Project

How we used these products in our homeschool:

We started off with the Lord’s Prayer study. We completed the activities over the course of a couple of weeks. I sat down with the kids and we read the Lord’s Prayer. We talked about what we thought it meant and I encouraged input from the kids. I then began the first object lesson using items I already had on hand ( a balloon). I talked with the kids about how our prayers are very real and important to God. We talked about how they take form and go up to heaven. We read Revelation 5:7-8 where it talks about how there are golden bowls of incense before the throne which are the prayers of the saints. I said one phrase at a time of the Lord’s prayer as I blew up a balloon. They saw my prayer take the shape of the balloon. Then I let go of the balloon as a demonstration of the prayer going up to heaven. We watched it float up to the ceiling as the air was dispelled. It definitely kept the attention of my 10, 7 and 3 year-old.  They each had to have a turn sending there prayers to heaven after my demonstration. We ended our time together in prayer.


The Snack choices were really fun. We had Oreos and milk for our first snack. We broke them apart and discussed how the single cookie without the icing was like us alone in the world. The icing was like prayer, it is our link to God, what helps us stick to him. I thought this illustration was a little awkward, but the kids loved the treat! The Prayers in Heaven Torches were made from cupcakes set into an ice cream cone and topped with a fruit leather flame. These were fun but didn’t hold together very well. We had several torches fall off their pedestal. This was a reminder to us that our prayers light a fire in heaven.

June 2013 027June 2013 057

The science experiment was our favorite of all the activities in this kit. We made a little person out a water bottle, Simon the Gloomy Boy. We drew a sad face on the bottle and made him a little hat out of a balloon. He was sad because he didn’t think his prayers were being heard by God. This experiment demonstrates the power of prayer in an exciting way. I won’t tell you what happened in the experiment. You will just have to get your own copy of this kit and find out!


We completed most of the rest of the activities and enjoyed the addition of creativity in our Bible lessons. I felt like the ideas breathed new life into our family Bible time and I think the kids will remember the lessons for years to come.

The Fruits of the Spirit Activity Kit ended up becoming our favorite of the two sets. We started with the object lesson “Weeds to Seeds”. This was a demonstration of how weeds or the deeds of the flesh can so easily spring up in our lives. We walked through the steps of removing the “weeds” from our lives and disposing of them (pic 1), cultivating good soil (pic 2) and planting the fruits of the Spirit (pics 3 &4).

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The Fruity Octopus and Fruity Popsicles were a big hit. A bonus was that they were very easy to make and healthy to boot. I think the popsicles may just become a summertime favorite around here.

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Our all-time favorite was the Juicy Jump Rope Rhyme. I hope you will take a minute to watch this short video clip and see how much fun you can have with scripture memory when you add a creative twist. I hate to admit that my boys had only tried jump roping a few times in the past. I think after this activity my boys will be skipping rope as a summertime boredom buster.

The only negative aspect to these kits in my opinion were the crafts. I felt that they were not as creative as the rest of the components. They were not very appealing to my 10 and seven-year olds. But this would not deter me from purchasing the kit. My eldest son is not a real crafty person, so sometimes I end up finishing the crafts for him. For families that are craft enthusiasts, this may not be a problem. Overall, we give this product a thumbs up!My crewmates reviewed 15 different products from Christianity Cove. Click to read more reviews from the Schoolhouse Review Crew.

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  1. Melanie S

    Excellent review! We loved Fruits of the Spirit and I for sure will check out the Lord’s Prayer!

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