Jun 07

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Curriculum Clean-Out Giveaway #2 – Usborne Science Encyclopedias

Here is our second giveaway today! Homeschool Creations is hosting a Curriculum Clean-Out so we decided to join in. We have several homeschool books that we are finished with that we want to pass on to another homeschool family. We read both of these this year and ended up with duplicates. The boys loved them!

This giveaway is for the following two Titles:

  • The Usborne Science Encyclopedia (miniature edition)
  • The Usborne Little Encyclopedia of Seas and Oceans (miniature edition) – with internet links

Science Encyclopedia giveaway

These are identical in content to their full-size titles, they just come in a easy-to-hold size. I hope your family will love them as much as ours did!

 Enter the Rafflecopter Below by clicking on the link and following the directions. The winner will be notified Monday, June 10th via email.

a Rafflecopter giveaway

 Click the graphic button below to see all the other giveaways hosted by Homeschool Creations. Most will end tomorrow, so hurry! There were 20 giveaways when I last checked.


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  1. Tabitha

    We love going to the beach!

  2. Beth

    My favorite summer activity is going swimming in the river with my kids. Im looking forward to doing that very soon!

  3. Tracey M.

    My favorite summer time activity is camping. I love having the time to relax and enjoy each other’s company. We had to cancel our camping trip this summer, because we are moving. Of course, here in Texas, we need to camp early or else it gets too hot. I also love our library’s summer reading program. They give away 12 bikes!

    1. David

      Wow! Our library gives away stickers and and McDonald toys. LOL!

  4. Emily Quesenberry

    Our new favorite summer activity is making a fire and roasting marshmallows for smores! YUM!

  5. Amy

    My favorite summertime activity is reading outside :)

  6. Sarah Lucas

    Oh these look wonderful! Will be a great read to take to our beach vacation!

  7. Amanda H

    We love the zoo and going for walks. Now that our “baby” is old enough, we may even start camping again.

    1. David

      We tried camping for the first time with our two year old last fall. Here is the link to our story. It is hilarious.
      and here

  8. Lisa Mcclanahan

    We love using our fire pit and roasting marshmallows.

  9. MamaGames

    We also love all the days of SWIMMING!

  10. Wendy Clark

    I love to sit in my swing outside and read.

    1. David

      We are big readers around here as well.

  11. Marci

    My favorite thing about summer is that my husband doesn’t have to work every meal in the cafeteria at the college so we actually get to see him! <3 (Also subscribed via email)

    1. David

      Thanks for subscribing!

  12. Lora Gaul

    We love having a campfire and marshallows, watching fire works, planting the garden and just spending time together.

    1. David

      Sounds like a perfect 4th of July

  13. Jennifer

    Our favorite activity is keeping busy to keep from missing Daddy while he is gone for 12+ hours a day fixing people’s air conditioning so they don’t melt in the Florida heat. We swim, read, take field trips, enjoy $1 movies and visiting family and friends.

  14. Rebecca

    Love Usborne books!

  15. Erin

    We loving hiking!

  16. Kirstin

    I have been reading more and more about these books. Would love to finally get some.

  17. Cassie

    Our family LOVES to spend quality time together during the summer. Daddy is a school teacher, so mini day trips and such are always in the works.

  18. reburks4@gmail.com

    Camping and hiking in the mountains out west.

    1. David

      That is our dream to go west on a three-week vacation camping along the way. Maybe one day.

  19. megan

    I LOVE usborne. Hoping I win the giveaway

    1. David

      We love most of their books too!

  20. kathy

    The beach is our favorite thing to do….thus the reason I would so love these books!

    1. David

      Wish we were closer to the beach.

  21. Andrea

    We love to paint outdoors!

    1. David

      Neat idea

  22. HillaryM

    Eating freshly picked foods – from the trees, bushes and garden. Yum! Otherwise, our fun activities are much like other times of the year — cooking over a fire and lots of reading. ;)

    1. David

      Sounds fun!

  23. Karen

    We love picnics in our backyard or at the park. And lazy afternoons.

    1. David

      We just got a table for our deck so I am ready for eating in the backyard!

  24. Jessica A.

    We love to do outdoor activities and spend time with the family!

  25. Rachel H

    I love camping and going berry-picking with my family! Fun and yummy!

  26. Jessica fernandez

    We enjoy the pool and picnics!

  27. Laurie Reed

    I would love to win these!

  28. Jillian L.

    I love going to our favorite river spot and splash with the kids all day!

    1. David

      We have one too, but they just increased the cost of admission to the parking area :(

  29. laura

    we love to catch toads and all sorts of bugs~

    1. David

      So do our boys!

  30. Jennifer

    We love swimming and biking in the summer.

    1. David

      We have just started biking again after a long break.

  31. Emma

    We love hanging out at the pool.

    1. David


  32. Dianne

    Digging around in the garden with my children is a favorite around here. My little one love talking to the plants.

    1. David


  33. LeAnn

    We love going to the beach and visiting family!!

    1. David

      We usually take a trip to VA to visit family.

  34. Andi S

    We love doing nature walks and swimming.

    1. David

      Nature walks are fun. We like to combine geocaching with nature walks.

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