Jun 09

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Dave’s Dots

381710_345675462116451_602293986_nWest Side Dorky:  From the U.K. Guardian“Police were called to a sci-fi convention after a confrontation between costumed characters from rival clubs.  Trouble flared when members of the Norwich Sci-Fi Club were refused entry to a fair hosted by the Norwich Star Wars Club at the University of East Anglia.  More than a dozen Star Wars and Doctor Who fans, including some in fancy dress, were involved in the confrontation on Sunday after a member of the Norwich Sci-Fi Club attempted to get an autograph from Doctor Who actor Graham Cole.  It is understood the two groups had been involved in a long-running dispute and the hosts had warned their rivals to stay away after comments were posted on Facebook.  Norfolk police confirmed they had been called to reports of an assault.  A force spokesman said: “After lengthy investigation, talking to witnesses and reviewing good CCTV footage, it was confirmed that there was no assault.  “The two rival groups were spoken to and advised to keep out of each other’s way….”

“When you’re a jedi, you’re a jedi……………”

And speaking of fur flying:  The triumphant return of the Moscow Cat Theater.  Yes, you read that right.

(From ITN video)

Combining your allergy to cats with your fear of clowns in a tight little room with just a faint hint of vodka, it is easy to see why Moscow is quickly becoming the Branson, Missouri of the Caucasus.

Now that would be a circus!  Officials in Northern Australia are reporting a plague of feral cats, some nearly 4 feet long and weighing as much as a five year old child.

At least Muscovites are open-minded to animal talent:  From Reuters“Belgian police have demanded that Lola, a theatre-starring donkey, be removed from the balcony of a cultural center in Brussels after neighbors complained about her braying.  Lola is staying on the first-floor balcony while she performs in a play at the Arab Cultural Center, located in the same building in the Belgian capital. Staff had laid out straw and a bucket of water so she could get some fresh air.  But police ordered Lola’s keeper to move her indoors after receiving complaints about the donkey making too much noise.”

Nothing worse than abraysive noise when you’re trying to kick back.

And speaking of assinine arguments:  A Washington State study of Twitter users found that the louder someone is in an argument the better likelihood that they will win the argument.  Loud arguers were seen by their peers as more confident and therefore more right, even when they were actually wrong.

This would explain the entire career of Rosie O’Donnell.

Sports news:  The president of the Southeastern Conference is demanding an apology for unauthorized audits of its athletic programs by the IRS.  According to the IRS, the SEC purchased an “inordinate” amount of See Dick and Jane reading books at the beginning of the spring semester, which triggered the secret audit.  In related news, the president of the ACC is also demanding an explanation from the IRS for someone writing “For an easy time, call 1-800-ACC-BALL” on one of the IRS bathroom stalls.

For crying out loud, enough with the making of movies and TV shows from nursery rhymes and fairy tales!  I saw an advertisement for “Hansel and Gretel:  Witch Hunters” today.  What’s next – “Ms. Muffet:  Spiders in Her Way”?

Just a reminder, June 6th was National Doughnut Day.  I’m sure the doughnut shops don’t mind if you celebrate a few days late.

And speaking of doughnuts:  Dunkin Donuts has introduced its newest breakfast – the Glazed Donut Breakfast Sandwich, a fried egg and bacon strips sandwiched between, you guessed it, two halves of a glazed doughnut.  The singer Luther Vandross reportedly used doughnut halves in place of bun for his hamburgers.  Of course, he died of a heart attack, but the same thing probably won’t happen to you.

All the cops in the donut shop say Ay oh whey oh, ay oh whey oh:  The New York State Senate recently passed a law making it a felony to “annoy” a police officer.  That, plus a 16 ounce soda, and you’ll never get a decent job again.

Engagement rings, animal style:  Every year, the male Adele penguin searches for the perfect pebble and, when he finds it, drops it at the feet of his mate as a token of true love and devotion.  Very touching, but if the male penguin should become “disoriented” and drop the pebble at the feet of another male instead, would that not make it a “fruity pebble”?

And speaking of rings:  A student was recently asked why the planet Saturn had its rings.  The student replied “Because God liked Saturn, so he put a ring on it”.

This week in history:  In 1628, the recently renamed “Petition of Right” was approved by the King of England, after two previous failed attempts as the “Petition of Wrong”, thereby proving that two wrongs can indeed make a right.

Our latest Dave’s Dots edition terminates with the terminus of the body – the big toe.   The World Toe Wrestling Championship to be exact, occurring every summer in England.  Here is footage from the 2012 tournament, won by Paul “Predatoe” Beech.


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  1. Steve

    That last story was “toetaly” strange and worthy of a Dave’s Dot!

  2. Jan

    Toe wrestling!!! Nasty!!!

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