Jul 09

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Entering into Rest

DSCN2684Do you ever feel like your life is spinning out of control? You are always on the go, your mind never stops. I hate to admit that I feel that way many times. I had expectations that the summer would be peaceful, restful and full of leisure days by the pool or visiting with friends. Snap out of it! Back to reality! Deadlines, commitments, camps, activities, where did the R&R go? Packing up school records and planning for the upcoming year. Feeding the ravenous kids. (Really, we are out of snacks again?) Cleaning up after one mess after another and never feeling like anything stays clean for five minutes.

Does this sound like a snippet out of your life? Most mom’s expend so much mental and physical energy taking care of others that it leaves little room for rest in our lives. Add summertime and being out of your routine and that expenditure of energy seems to be higher. We find ourselves eating poorly, rarely exercising, missing devotion time and we wonder why we feel stress.

The Lord has been dealing with me the last month about priorities again. This seems to be a recurring theme in my life. I feel like I strip my life down to the essentials and within a couple of months, I am overloading myself again. Thank the Lord for a husband who helps me say “no”.

I have felt the need to return to a routine, but making sure that this includes margin and rest as part of the schedule. I need to allow for interruptions, get up before the kids and spend time with God first! I need to take care of myself body, soul and spirit. I need to make time for the people and things I love so I don’t wake up one day wishing that I had lived my life differently.

I am resolving to eat better, exercise more and allow myself time to rest. Quiet moments with a cup of hot cocoa in the recliner, reading my favorite book. Stretching while listening to scripture verses. Praying fervently for the ones I love in need of a Savior. Life is too short to live it running crazily through life with never a moment to stop and pray with our kids, really listen to their needs, enter into their interests.

Here is my prayer today.

Dear Lord,

You see my heart and hear my cry. Meet me right where I am. Pick me up, dust me off and help me to try again. Thank you for your mercies that are new every morning. Thank you for your Word that says in Psalm 119:37,

“Turn away my eyes from worthless things, and revive me in Your way.”


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  1. Mary

    Hi, I’ve been there, too. I too realised that I needed to let go of my agenda and remember why I am here in this world. That helped me refocus my priorities and energies. Thanks for sharing this reminder with us. Have a blessed weekend. Warmly, Mary (stopping by from the Crew).

    1. David

      Blessings to you and yours. Thanks for stopping by!

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