Jul 18

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R is for Ready – 5 Ways You Can Prepare for a New Homeschool Year

Start!Back to School sales are starting in my area. My boys are visiting grandparents 650 miles away and I am getting excited about starting school back in a couple of weeks. I was contemplating readiness this morning as I sat drinking a cup of tea in my VERY quiet house. Here are some things that I feel are important in getting myself ready for a new homeschool year.

Luke in Prayer

  1. Get myself ready – My three-year old is still asleep and I am asking the Lord to ready my heart for homeschooling this fall. I asked myself the question, “Where am I spiritually? I know that if I am not filled up with the Word of God and His Holy Spirit, I don’t have much to offer my kids.
  2. Include my spouse in my plans – Talk with him about my school plans and get his input. Make sure I allow time in my school schedule to meet his needs.
  3. Set goals for my kids - Look at all areas that need growth (Academic, spiritual, life skills, character, etc.)Menu-Planning
  4. Plan – Make a plan because without a plan, this ship lacks direction and motivation. I like to write in pencil, that way I can make the plan flexible and can change things as life happens.
  5. Get my house in order – I like to spend time decluttering my bookshelves and taking stock of the supplies I will need. I sell my old books and purchase new curriculum. I even like to plan some meals for the freezer and gather some new recipes for quick and easy lunches.

We are planning to incorporate more together time this year. I want to teach my little one how to sit still for extended periods of time and allow the boys to help out with her preschool time. We will start our day by gathering around the breakfast table and having devotions, preschool time, read-aloud time and whatever memory work we are doing at the time. I am praying over what to include in this morning time and I will share more with you as my schedule develops. I am so excited about our new Bible curriculum that we are using. It allows all of us to study the same thing at each one’s own level. (look for a review coming soon!) We are going to continue using Sonlight for history and I am transitioning from workbook based math to computer based math for my second grader this year. I will post my curriculum plans in the coming weeks for you to see as well.

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What things do you do to get ready for a new school year?

What changes do you have planned for this school year?

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  1. Lisa Nehring

    I’m a planner and a goal setter too! It will be my first year in over 18 with only 2 students and homeschooling feels like a breeze to plan and get ready for- weird, huh?! Hope you have a great school year!

    1. Jennifer

      Thanks for stopping by! Blessings on your upcoming school year!

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