Jul 25

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S is for Super Saturday

Last Saturday I was reminded of the importance of friendship. We have developed a friendship with a like-minded couple who blog over at Husband of a Homeschool Mom and we had the opportunity to take a day trip with them and have some time of fun and fellowship. It is a blessing to have friends that you can be real with, share your heart with and have fun with. We planned to spend the day whitewater rafting on the river with a guide, taking us back to our pre-kids days when life was footloose and fancy-free. I had found a Groupon for a great price and we secured sitters for our kids. A few days before the planned excursion, I printed out the voucher and looked up the address to see what time we needed to plan to leave. I re-read the fine print and was surprised by the note that reservations were required. I hurriedly called the next morning only to find that they rafting company was booked solid for the next month. I called our dear friends and they graciously forgave my error and suggested we go tubing on a river instead. We made new plans and by the time Saturday rolled around, we were headed to the Hiwassee River in Tennessee.



We were met with stunning views, sunny weather and cool, brisk moving water. We got our gear and hopped onto an old yellow school bus for our shuttle up the river. We were dropped off a point five miles above our end point and we put on our life vests and hopped into the tubes. We laughed, splashed each other, got separated and reunited multiple times over the course of the next 3 hours or so. The class one and two rapids were such fun!

As couples and homeschooling parents, we were reminded of the refreshment of spending time with friends and building our marriages. I love doing family activities, but at times, we need to remember how we felt when we first fell in love. Go and do the things you enjoyed when you were engaged when you have the chance. Your marriage will be built up as a result of spending time together and you when the time is spent in the company of like-minded friends, you can encourage each other and build memories to last a lifetime. We didn’t get many photos, because no one wanted to be responsible for dropping the camera in the river, but here is a pic of our smiling faces.

Hiwassee River Tubing

Hiwassee River Tubing

As a result of my error in planning, we now get to take a second trip to try our hand at river whitewater rafting on the Ocoee River in a month or so. God brings blessings into our lives all the time. We need to look around and thank him for good friends. We enjoyed a Super Saturday to remember. Thanks to Steve and Nichole for being encouragers in our lives.

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  1. Nichole

    We had a blast!! Thank you guys for an awesome time as well.

    1. Jennifer

      Looking forward to next time!

  2. Brittney

    Sounds like a wonderful day! It is hard to leave the kids for a day to have couple-time, but it is always worth it when we do.

    1. Jennifer

      Yes. We need to remember that building our marriages helps keep a strong foundation.

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