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Circle Time – A Schoolhouse Crew Review

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I have heard the term, “Circle Time” float around in homeschool circles, but I wasn’t sure what that was or what it is supposed to look like. I was recently provided with a copy of Circle Time by Kendra Fletcher of  Preschoolers and PeaceThis 33 page e-book has given me a wealth of ideas and planning tools to help me organize my homeschool day this upcoming school year. It couldn’t have come at a better time with our school start day just a week away.

About the Author:

Kendra Fletcher is a homeschooling mother of 8 who began blogging as a result of giving a talk about how to homeschool with little ones underfoot. With children ranging from ages 20 down to 5, she has lots of experience in this area. She is now a speaker and author. She found that incorporating this circle time in her family, which included prayer, Bible reading, singing and memorization, helped set the tone of her family’s day. This daily gathering together helped her little ones realize that they were important, needed and wanted. As this routine developed into a habit, they began adding more things into circle time.

About the Book:

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Circle Time is available as a PDF e-book  for $4.99. (Prices are subject to change) It was intended as a resource for homeschool moms and can be easily read in one sitting. This little gem of a book will provide you with some great tips on starting a circle time for your homeschool. I learned so much and found out that circle time can look very different in different households. There is no wrong way to do it. Here are some of the things this book helps address:







  • What is circle time?
  • What am I trying to accomplish in my homeschool?
  • How long should circle last for my family?
  • What should I include in circle time?
  • How do I include multiple ages into circle time?
  • How do I modify circle time for summer?
  • How do I get the kids on board for this?
  • And more………

This book also has excerpts from other moms who have instituted circle time successfully into their homeschool. You don’t just have to take the author’s opinion on the matter. This is a flexible approach to daily together time that allows you to put your own spin on the ideas and principles behind circle time.

How we used this book in our homeschool:

When I first received this book, I uploaded the PDF to my Kindle Fire so I could read it on the go. I really don’t like to read from my laptop. The book was easily readable in this format, however the links would not work on the Kindle. I was able to open the PDF on my computer to explore the links after I finished the book. I was able to finish the book in one sitting. It gave me so much to ponder. I had been contemplating my upcoming school year and had been in the midst of school planning. This book helped me see how I can incorporate some of the electives and little things that I have been wanting to include in my school day, but just didn’t know where to place them. Enter circle time and now I think I have a solution. After reading the book, I printed out her worksheets at the back of the book and filled them out. Here is the “Wish List” shown below.


Filling this out helped me take stock of the things that are important to me this school year. It helped me set some goals and settle on some things to memorize this year. Next, I created a file box as suggested in the book. I will use this to store memory cards and Bible verses, notes to myself , etc. I have tabbed dividers for each day of the week and I will place things we are working on behind the tabs to help jog my memory during circle time each day. I used a recycled baby wipe case. I love using these because they are durable and already decorated! I used large index cards with re-positional tabs for dividers.


Next, we tried a modified version of circle time. Since we are still on summer break, we only included Bible time, prayer and some discussion. We found that just keeping this little bit of structure over the summer was very good for us. We have a plan to start using my longer version next week when we officially kick off our new school year. I will post an update on this in a few weeks.

My opinion of this book:

If you are looking for a quick read with lots of bang for your buck, this book is worth checking out. The concept could potentially revolutionize your homeschool. Gathering everyone together and starting your day in the Word of God is life-changing. Combining subjects when you have multiple age groups can be a life-saver not to mention it can save you so much time and energy. I felt that this book was well-worth recommending to my homeschooling friends. You can pick up your own copy of Circle Time here.


If you would like to hear what other mom’s are saying about Circle Time, click on the graphic below.



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