Jul 30

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Keeping Cool During the Dog Days of Summer

We don’t have a pool so we have had to get creative to beat the heat in our neck of the woods. We can sustain temperatures well over 90 degrees for days at a time with high humidity making it hard for the kids to enjoy the outdoors. Here are some fun activities we do in the summertime to help us enjoy the outdoors and keep cool.

  1. Water Balloon Fights –  We purchase the water bombs, mom spends forever filling them up and then we toss and enjoy the fun for the 5 minutes that the balloons last. This is time-consuming, but the kids REALLY enjoy it so it is worth the time in my opinion.
  2. Playing with the water hose. We have a well and the kids enjoy making a river in our driveway. They destroy ant beds, try to see how far they river will run, float items in the river, etc. I set a timer so we don’t use too much water. DSCN2693_thumb.jpg DSCN2691_thumb.jpg DSCN2692_thumb.jpg
  3. This has been our favorite water activity so far. You can easily make your own drive-thru water sprinkler with the directions below.

I found this idea on Pinterest a year ago and knew I had to try this with the kids. The idea was to make a “car wash” sprinkler out of PVC pipe. We made a trip to our local home improvement store as a family and purchased the necessary supplies. A few days later I got the boys together for an afternoon of fun. Follow this link for a supply list and detailed directions.

We borrowed a hack saw from my dad and gathered in the garage for a time of learning and fun. I taught the boys how to use the tape measure and mark off the correct length on the pipe. We cut the pipes into the desired lengths. Next we attempted to bore holes in the PVC at specified intervals, but after some equipment malfunction, we resorted to tapping nails into the pipe, which surprisingly worked very well.Then, we attached the water hose coupler with PVC cement (we learned that you need a set of pliers just to get the lid off).

We glued all the joints except for the top bar because we want to be able to partially disassemble the sprinkler to store it in the garage.


Now we were ready for some fun in the sun!

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What do you do with your kids to cool off in the summer?

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  1. Debbie

    COOL!!! No, I mean….REALLY Cooooooooooool! :) You all enjoy so much fun together…I like that!

    1. Jennifer

      Good to hear from you Debbie. Thanks for reading!

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