Aug 04

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Top 10 Advantages of Homeschooling

With all the hubbub of public schools in Georgia starting back this week, let us not forget about that other white meat – homeschooling.

Top ten advantages of homeschooling:

1.  No classroom overcrowding (unless your last name is duggar).
2.  The superintendent can flirt shamelessly with the teacher, without threat of a lawsuit.
3.  You can invent your own school name and mascot.
4.  The board of education can be a lot smaller – usually a 1 x 4 will suffice.
5.  There is a greater chance of identifying the lunchtime mystery meat.
6.  Did i mention that you, i mean the superintendent, can flirt shamelessly with the teacher?
7.  Your child will not be typecast as a “jock”, “nerd”, “goth”, or “goody-goody”.  instead, they will be typecast as a “first child”, “middle child”, or “baby”.
8.  Daily field trips.  Okay, it might be a field next to your house, but hey, that still counts.
9.  The only bomb threats come from the superintendent’s lame attempts at humor.
10.  “Bring your parent to school day” is really, really short.

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  1. Steve

    I think that this post was done by the superintendent!

    1. David

      Right on man!

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