Aug 05

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Ten MORE Advantages of Homeschooling

because you demanded it (and you know who you are).

ten MORE advantages of homeschooling:

1. no child left behind – because they follow you around the house all the time.
2. the homecoming queen and king are the same every year – mommy and daddy.
3. you never have to sell raffle tickets.
4. 5 words: all you can eat pancakes.
5. did i mention that the superintendent can flirt shamelessly with the teacher?
6. the longest line you wait in is in the bathroom to brush your teeth.
7. since you are already “unsocialized”, you can growl at people in public and enjoy their reaction.
8. parent teacher conferences can be held around the dinner table.
9. your favorite school supplies won’t be confiscated for the karl marx community chest.
10. “common core” means the family each taking a bite out of the same apple.

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