Aug 06

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5 Days of Multi-Level Homeschooling – Learning through Music

Octaaf0320wWith a middle-schooler, an elementary student and a preschooler, our house can get a little crazy. The blessings of three kids with a wide age gap has proven to be a challenge that we have learned to overcome. Yesterday we talked about combining subjects. Today I want to highlight learning through music.

As a former piano teacher, I love all things music. I have found that music is a common bond and can draw us together on the same page. When I feel like we are all getting a little frustrated or have a need to get the wiggles out, I just yell, “Dance Party!” and we crank up the music and within a few minutes we are all feeling better and are ready to get back to business.

On a more serious note, I have learned that silly songs and ditties are an easy way to sneak in learning. All my kids want to participate and we find ourselves humming the tunes as we go about our day. Right now we are learning a chant on the books of the New Testament and my three-year-old has learned from Matthew to Romans in only a couple of days. We are also practicing a song about the twelve sons of Jacob from the Old Testament. This has been hard for me because I am very visual. I found that once I wrote the names down and sang along a few times, I was singing right along with everyone else. Last year, my seven-year-old began Latin studies using Song School Latin. All of the vocabulary is set to music and the whole family learned most of the vocabulary because of the daily exposure to the words set to music.

We are now having daily music time during our start of the day circle time where we listen to a Scriptural or educational song for a few minutes. We are learning things such as states and capitols, continents, passages of Scripture, etc through using music. This type of learning spans across the age gaps and brings us all together in a special way. Here are some of my favorite products that we have used:

I hope this has sparked some creativity in your heart and you find some ideas to help you incorporate music into your multi-level homeschool.


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  1. Kym

    We have often “re-written” the words to popular songs on the fly to help us remember key concepts. My kids will always remember the characteristics of mammals because we did a rewrite of Foreigner’s Hot-blooded (which is a really inappropriate song!! o.O) as “Warm-blooded”. Not sure I’m real proud of the fact that the song came to my mind….

    Schoolhouse Rock provides lots of catchy songs to learn with. Grammar Rock and Multiplication Rock have been sanity-savers in helping my kids remember parts of speech and their times tables!

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