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5 Days of Multi-Level Homeschooling – Letting Older Ones Help

jenniallen (2)With a preschooler, an elementary student and a middle school student in our homeschool this year, the age gaps can make me feel like I am bouncing from one kid to another constantly. If I let everyone have their own textbooks for every subject, I would go crazy. I have been sharing with you some of the ways that I make my life easier as a homeschool mom this week. So far we have covered,

Today, I want to talk about letting the older children help. This can be a blessing if we train them to assist us in our duties. I have just begun to realize the blessing this can be in the last year. We have been diligently instructing out boys to help around the house for the last several years. My husband instituted an allowance system and chore list in January that has really been working well for us. We have added a few chores and delegated a couple of the easiest chores to our 3-year old. We taught the boys how to mow grass last year and now my husband is not tied up every Saturday mowing grass. They have relieved me of unloading the dishwasher, sweeping the kitchen, setting the table and keeping the bathrooms wiped down daily. This has been a tremendous help. I also find that on days when we have extra chores that if I write down everything we need to do on our whiteboard, I can get the kids to pick up a few chores on my list and I am not feeling so stressed that I have to do everything myself.  In the process, I have found it a great way to teach life skills to my kids.Mommy's Helper

Not only can you teach your kids how to help you around the house, making your life a little easier, but they can also be a help in your homeschool. My 2nd grader loves to help his sister with preschool. I let him help her with phonics, because it is a great review for him. When he reads to her, I count that as part of his reading time and it is part of her preschool plan as well. My 6th grader is able to lead read-aloud time on days when mom is not feeling well or gets tired of reading. There are so many options. If you ponder and pray about the issue, I am sure there are many things you can delegate to your kids to help lighten your load. This is not meant to put pressure on our kids, but to help train them for the real world that we will launch them into in just a few short years. Responsibility, loyalty, thoroughness, kindness, and diligence  – these are important character qualities that I want to be instilling in my kids. Come back tomorrow and join us as we discuss starting a group or circle time in your homeschool.


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