Nov 25

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Thriving, Not Just Surviving – Day 1

Day 1

If you are joining in on this challenge, I hope you will visit Money Saving Mom and sign up for the 7- Day Challenge emails. This challenge is a sneak peak to some of the awesome tips that you will find in Crystal Paine’s newest book, Saying Goodbye to Survival Mode, coming in January 2014. I have been reading a pre-release copy of this book and am really gleaning some great stuff.

While the principles in the book will inspire you to make slow and steady changes that will result in a big transformation over time, this 7-Day Challenge is designed to give you strategies you can implement immediately for instant breathing room. – Crystal Paine

With the holidays looming, get-togethers on the horizon and New Year’s just around the corner, I think this is a perfect time to re-evaluate all the things we do on a regular basis. Today’s challenge from Crystal is to help us go from frazzled, harried moms to purposeful, fulfilled women. Today is all about learning and practicing saying, “NO!”

I don’t know about you, but I have had a hard time with this since I was a little girl. I have always enjoyed making people feel better and pleasing them has been a big part of that struggle. I married a man who has taught me so much about learning to value my time and look at what I can physically and mentally accomplish rather than always responding, “yes” to requests out of guilt or fear or a need to please.

Crystal asks us to think of three things to remember when evaluating requests of our time from others.

  • Count the Cost
  • Give yourself grace
  • Practice saying no

When I take the time to evaluate that request to make sugar cookies for book club or teach a preschool class, I need to thing about the time it will take to fulfill that commitment and then decide based on what that will then keep me from doing for my family. If I have a lot of free time, that may be an easy commitment to fulfill, but if I am already overwhelmed with schoolwork, housework, etc. I need to count the cost first. I need to remember that I can’t do everything all my friends are doing. God has made me special with different callings and giftings than you have. Our lives will not look identical. It is ok for me to say no to something and move on. For those of us who have a harder time saying no, sometimes we have to practice this. It really does get easier over time.

The Challenge

Take a few minutes and make a To-Do List for tomorrow. Include everything you have to do during the day. When you are finished, immediately cross three things off your list. It feels so freeing to let things go. I chose to make my list on my iPhone using the Reminder app. I did this challenge last week on a school day and here are some of the things that made my list.


I also had a couple of opportunities to say “no”. The first opportunity involved family and was difficult, the second time, I just chose not to say yes to teaching a class at our local book club unit study day. I usually feel guilty if I don’t help in some way, but I agreed to bring some paper and just be a helper. It was very freeing. I hope that you will have fun with this little challenge and will come back tomorrow and tell me how it went. You can post your comments on the results each day to the corresponding day’s post. Example – come back tomorrow and put your results for today’s challenge on this post and then read the Day 2 Challenge tomorrow to prepare for Tuesday.

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