Nov 27

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Thriving, Not Just Surviving – Day 3

Day 3

If you are joining in on this challenge, I hope you will visit Money Saving Mom and sign up for the 7- Day Challenge emails. This challenge is a sneak peek to some of the awesome tips that you will find in Crystal Paine’s newest book, Saying Goodbye to Survival Mode, coming in January 2014. I have been reading a pre-release copy of this book and am really gleaning some great stuff. You can find the post with Day One’s post here. You can read Day Two’s Challenge here.

In order for us to focus on the things we love to do, to express our giftings, we have to get a handle on our time and schedule. Crystal encourages us today to take stock of our schedule and begin working on creating order out of chaos. Starting with a morning routine, can help you begin to smooth out the wrinkles in your home. It is about managing the time that God has given us. Focus on starting your day with the most important things coming first in your routine, then they are more likely to be accomplished. Crystal also encourages us to make sleep a priority. Rest makes us more productive over the long run. We are more mentally alert when we are well rested and then we are able to have a sharper focus and do things more quickly and efficiently.

Today’s Challenge

Today’s encouraging challenge from Crystal is short and sweet. She is encouraging us to come up with five things that we can do each morning as part of a routine to help our mornings flow more smoothly. By implementing a morning routine and carrying through with the routine for at least 3 weeks, we are well on our way to establishing a long-lasting habit. Here is the routine that I came up with.

  • Get up, have devotions, pray
  • Exercise, shower
  • Get breakfast for myself and the kids, remove anything from freezer for dinner
  • Empty kitchen sink
  • Start a load of laundry

I would love to see your routine list in the comments! Don’t forget to come back tomorrow for the Day 4 Challenge.

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