Dec 04

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Thriving, Not Just Surviving – Day 4

Say Goodbye to Survival Mode

Day 4

Thank you for being patient with me as I took a few days off for the holiday to celebrate with my family. If you are joining in on this challenge, I hope you will visit Money Saving Mom and sign up for the 7- Day Challenge emails. This challenge is a sneak peek of some of the awesome tips that you will find in Crystal Paine’s newest book, Saying Goodbye to Survival Mode, coming in January 2014. I have been reading a pre-release copy of this book and am really gleaning some great stuff. You can find the post with Day One’s post here. You can read Day Two’s Challenge here and Day Three’s post is found here. You can take advantage of the opportunity to pre-order the book from Amazon right now. Crystal has put together and amazing gift package worth $125 that you can claim after you pre-order the book.

Today a discussion ensued about ways to take advantage of the time that we have. We have small blocks of time that we fritter away. Examples include standing at the stove waiting for water to boil, talking on the phone, waiting for kids at sport’s practices. What if we made lists of projects or goals that we have been putting off and we decide to work on them 15 minutes at a time. We often don’t start things because we know that we won’t have enough time to finish the project in the time we have available. If we start taking advantage of the small blocks of time, little by little we will see some progress on the projects we have been procrasting on.

Today’s challenge

Make a list in order of priority of things that you would like to accomplish. Set a timer and work for 15 minutes on the first item on your list.

For this challenge, I made a list on my smartphone. Here are a few of the things that I have been wanting to work on that I included on my list.

  • Setup a meal planning system
  • Read some books off my 2013 booklist
  • Take a photoshop class online
  • Backup photos on iphone
  • Make Christmas cards
  • Clear out email inbox
  • Write a blog post
  • Read  books to Lydia
  • Complete a household chore from my Motivated Mom’s list
  • Decorate for Christmas

I was able to setup an online meal  planning program that is working wonders for my grocery list and meal planning. (I may just have to write a post about this soon) I took small blocks of time and worked on these projects. I also read several chapters from a book I have been reading. I am excited about taking advantage of these hidden blocks of time as we continue this series. Join me tomorrow for Day 5!

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