Dec 12

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Thriving, Not Just Surviving – Day 5

Say Goodbye to Survival Mode

Day 5

I hope you will visit Money Saving Mom and sign up for the 7- Day Challenge emails. This challenge is a sneak peek of some of the awesome tips that you will find in Crystal Paine’s newest book, Saying Goodbye to Survival Mode, coming in January 2014. I have been reading a pre-release copy of this book and am really gleaning some great stuff. You can take advantage of the opportunity to pre-order the book from Amazon right now. Crystal has put together and amazing gift package worth $125 that you can claim after you pre-order the book.

Today Crystal has us focusing on our homes.In her book, she expounds on three areas of the home: cooking, housecleaning and clutter management. She believes that if we develop effective systems to deal with these three areas, we can have more energy and be freed up to pursue our priorities or our “best stuff”. She has taken some ideas from the  Fly Lady to help us tackle this one step at a time. We need a realistic plan. If your house is full of piles like mine at the present, you won’t be able to tackle this in a day. If we carve out little blocks of time each day, we will begin to see some real progress. She reminds us that this should be a team effort and we should enlist the help of the family.

Today’s challenge is to spend 15 minutes cleaning/decluttering one area of your home. We need to be ruthless! Donate, trash or saving items as we go. She recommends a medicine cabinet, magazine rack, a drawer or something simple that you can finish in that amount of time. Seeing the great results will be motivating and give you energy and desire to continue.

I tackled under my bathroom sink. It had been cleaned in the last couple of months, so it was not terribly cluttered, but I found 3 items that could be tossed. My next task is going to be my magazine basket in the living room. Crystal recommends finding baskets, bins, etc to help you contain things and allow everything to have a home.

I hope that you have had fun working through this little challenge with me. I am beginning to work on my morning routine, and I created a list on my phone that I can check off each day. Making a to-do list the night before has given me more direction to my days as well.

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